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Predciton Dreams of the future?

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posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 10:06 PM
I had a very disturbing dream last night. It was so real, and was lucid.
I was aware I was dreaming, but could not change the dream like I do in lucid dreams. Makes me wonder some kind of prediction. The colors, the pain I felt, so very real. Also wondering if other dreaming anything similar.
Here is the dream:

Was in an apartment and watching some fog come in. The window was open.
The cloud approached, and it was black and I realized it was ash. I saw the cloud itself like I was above it suddenly,
and inside was a large wooden log. My skin started to burn and blister.Back in the apartment,
Went in the car with friends and we drove away, I recognized the area as Tempe.
Suddenly I am in a building with my husband. It is a high rise. This is where the dream goes lucid. I wake up in a bed, ( still thinking
I am in Tempe)I look at the clock, it is 11:30 pm. I get this feeling I need to mark the time, because I knew I was about to see something. I get out of bed and there are red and pink
balloons in the sky, with canisters tied to the bottom that are dropping biological weapons
on the city. I hear a sonic boom sound and see a large round blazing ball of fire
coming down on a building. Other buildings are exploding. Again my skin is burning and
blistering with white blisters. When I see the buildings to the right, I realize this can not be Tempe
because too many high rises. Power is out everywhere. Then a guy in our high rise jumps
from the building we are in, and I see his body go past our window. I realize this
building will probably explode too, and that is why the guy jumped, and I will be crushed in it.
These fire balls I see seem to be being directed, I can see a red laser lines
in the sky and they follow the path to the building they are directed at.
This dream was so real. I was yelling at my husband to wake up but he would not.
Typical,lol To the front of me, what I thought was A mountain at first ( a mountain in Tempe), was actually buildings too.
this is the point I woke up.

I woke up shaken, because it was so lucid, I knew to look at the clock and mark what I was seeing. At first I thought I was in Tempe because of the part of dream I was in , was in Tempe before this lucid dream invaded it.
I got thinking, what do I associate pink and red balloons with, and I came up with Valentines day. The city was no place I had ever seen, but a LOT of high rises.

Anyway,I have had dreams in the past come true. Really strange ones that were no way coincidence, and very detailed. and this one really of rattles me. Anyone else?

posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 10:17 PM
I've had lucid predictive dreams, too...I hope yours wasn't one but see this I just posted:

Space Exploration » 1999 AQ10 near approach Feb 18th dangerous?

Let's hope there's no connection.

posted on Jan, 18 2009 @ 03:49 PM
I too have had dreams since 2007 that seem a bit different then my regular run of the mill dreams. Usually these dreams come just before my waking and sometimes I feel like I a fighting to wake up.

Well here is my latest fresh from today.

Argyle Socks

In my dream I see a black screen with white letters too small to read angled and at a distance. They were hanging like on a carousel similar to what you would see when using PicLens. The letters float closer and I can see that the first set of letters spell “Argyle Socks. A scene opens up to a scene that shows a lake or a pond being protected by two hunting type dogs. You can see above and at a slight distance two balloons with a long ribbons dangling, like they were let go by a child. The numbers 11 – 18 -1952 are at the bottom (with out the dashes) and though the first impression is that it may be a date a dream like warning tells you that it may not be a date at all.

When a I got to close to the edge of the picture it moved PicLens fashion to another scene. This is a scene of devastation and destruction. It shows an unidentifiable city street. People are walking about looking dazed, confused and apathetic. You can see in the distance bright lights just barely rising at the horizon in different locations. The words Gulf of Mexico are at the bottom but it does not seem that it is describing the scene yet feels important to the scene.

I wrote this as soon as I could after rising because I knew that I would start to forget many details and I was right. That is about all that I can remember now.

posted on Mar, 24 2009 @ 02:31 AM
I dreamt this in the 1980's , 1st I saw a plane crashing, and a large, huge, fireball crashing and rolling and engulfing everything in its path, buildings,cars etc . I saw something resembling small hearts floating up, no color in this part of the dream. Woke up feeling the world was ending. terrible nightmare sent chills down my spine. After waking up I associated this day with Valentines Day because of the weird hearts floating toard the sky.


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