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Russian, Moroccan Women Killed in Gaza

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posted on Jan, 8 2009 @ 04:12 PM

A Russian woman and a Moroccan woman have been killed in shelling in Gaza City, medical services said, as new night-time clashes erupted.

Rokaya Abu Naja, a 55-year-old Moroccan, was killed with two members of her family in Gaza City. A Russian woman married to a Palestinian doctor was also killed in the territory's main city, emergency services said. The Russian's identity was not given.

Israel wont make this mess easy for them self... Russian woman is not good victim... Nop! Putin is usually very angry if any of his people are hurt, touched... Czar just dont like that!

Israel should make their apology statements ready for this one... Putin is maybe sleeping, but he will wake up soon! - For Israels future, hope with his right foot.

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