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Safety Rating

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posted on Jan, 5 2009 @ 06:04 PM
Base Level Questions

The questions below are asked in a Bio-Survival context.

1. On a scale from one to ten, one being the safest, how safe do you feel right now?
2. On the same scale how safe is the world as you see it?
3. On the same scale how safe is your country right now as you see it?
4. On the same scale how safe do you feel your country is right now?

The absolute safe feeling, number 1, should be compared to a typical Mother/Child scenario/myth in which every need of the child is met in a reasonable time via the mother.

The mother being the economy, you being the child.

The absolute uncertainty feeling, number 10, should be compared to a typical Mother/Child separation as you see it, in the first six months,
if the mother is the economy and then the mother can no longer provide for her child.

Question two and three must be answered with one trying to separate feeling and intellect.

On a simple intellect basis answer of absolute safety, one being as certain as the representation of the abstract idea of one being = to one portion, therefore one proving to be very safe in that context and ten being very unsafe in that context.

For example a 1 in safety = total economic personal safety for you and your dependent family for one year.
Your portion will meet your personal and present economic annual need.

As an example of very unsafe in the simple intellect basis consider a convicted felon with the noose around the neck awaiting the second hand to hit the 12:00 mark. His fate seems almost certain. A 10 in simple intellect unsafe.

Question four examines your feeling after sorting through question 1,2,and 3.

Is it safe?
Is it not safe?

How safe is it?

How unsafe is it?

This is a simple self awareness exercise.

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