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Alien Within - Free Ebook

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posted on Dec, 31 2008 @ 07:24 PM
Have you ever wondered if the reality that you are existing within is the reality that you belong within, or a reality that has been created to suppress you from who and what you should be?

Alien Within is the unique true story of a gifted child whose abilities and connection with different beings, angels, spirit, extraterrestrials were closed off due to the negative interaction of other beings. It is a story that shows the raw struggle of life for a gifted child, a star seed who struggled to exist in a world so foreign to him.

You will get to take the journey with this boy as he grows up, facing the reality that what the world sees is not always the truth. But within this journey you will read of Alien Encounters that not only involve this boy waking up in the middle of the night to aliens within his bedroom, but also to encounters taking place on school camps, involving a large group of people. Encounters taking place that involve neighbours. In this journey you will see the naked rawness of his life. Experience the journey from fear, back to embracing and interacting with his beings, his people, his aliens.

What makes this book special, is not only the story that it tells, the experience that it opens up to the readers, the psychics who have interacted within this book, but also the fact that the author has no desire to profit from his story, instead giving it away free so that people can view and understand this whole subject better.

Alien Within can be obtained free by writing the author at or by downloading it for free from


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