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rapid scrolling screen and angelic voice "Aaaaee!"

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posted on Dec, 30 2008 @ 11:28 PM
That is what I got as I tried to pass to sleep last night.
It was probably of my own doing. I had been pouring through web pages of demonic and angelic names and uncannonized literature. Just searching for something unexplainable.

The predecessor of sleep paralysis tickled my outer concousness and I pulled away and woke-annoyed to the fading sound of a far away woman's word-undefined.

I closed my eyes again and saw a computer screen which in a quick shock to my concience, rapidly scroll barred downward; like I do when I can't quite make it through someone's post or am searching for something particular. And I pulled away and woke extremely concerned and agitated-and a bit embarrassed. Me? See a computer screen? With my eyes closed? It's never happened. I don't want it to happen. I was formerly grateful that I had not experienced it happen. I don't want to be a computer screen electric transmission 'rat'.

I hypothesised the message might be that whatever additional 'entities' have been helping me through my mind control recovery this past year used this visual as a statement that as like the screen they were rapidly scrolling to arrive at the gist of what I was looking for.

I was looking for an answer pondering the possibility if/that both armies had been/were thrown down/reassigned when Enoch stepped into God's hall. I was looking for the name and names and misnamings of a "B" named demon/angel. And settled on Belial; of Iblis of Gabriel. Pnondering if and where in history any angels written in the books had been confused or identity thefted by "brilliant" humanity.

I'm not sure if the following was a response, as I have very strong/benign settled on negative, opinionated views based on observation and my placement within it as to 'some things' (really)

The kicker was the next time I closed my eyes. An acoustic permeating yell. A long tone "AE". A male voice. I thought dually to enoch's view of God's origional angelic host-screaming around his chair, "holy holy holy"; as much as I did to my impression of the elusive and prostelyzing "GFL" or 'Andromedians' (tomato/tamato?) I hear tale of contacting individuals, by way of testimony, here on ATS.

I'd be 'alright' if it were an angel, answering my question, or giving me a cue to help with my very real speech problem. But the predecessing use of the computer screen, directs my attention to a very real transfer/testing/sharing of brain platform technology between the humans and the humanoid off worlders that I observed at some time in the distant past-from 'up there', and it's operators definately are not angels.

And I percieve an attempt to platform as angelic, in an effort to NLP the earth peoples, to be an act of sacriliege against-the very beginning, which is real-to me it is.
Abeit well intentioned. It only makes things more confusing. But, "hi" anyways.

Why must human aliens treat the earth as so backwards and child like?

I spoke to the air that "hey! that was really scary". And the instance did not happen again. But still, I was curious of the voice and somewhat hoped it would return to clarify.

That is my story of the evening, leaving out the imagry predecessing the dreaming, of a particular ATS member strolling along like Popeye on a mission to get something done. Humourously funny-that. Thanks? (!?!).

I suppose I am not looking for feedback or flaming or even imput. Whatever it is-it was. I felt it appropriate to share, least I rob another of my experience, as I am gifted when they share theirs.

AAEEA! back atcha.


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