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NFL Truths: It's all about character

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posted on Dec, 29 2008 @ 03:12 PM
If you aren't reading Jason Whitlock on a regular basis, you should be. There is no better week by week analysis of the NFL and what is really going on.

Jason's Season ending article sets the stage for the playoffs:

10. Chris Berman summarized the Cowboys' descent into the abyss by wondering aloud whether Jerry Jones had any "foxhole" guys. No.

Oh, once the war was lost, once the Eagles stormed Lincoln Financial Field like the Allies invading Normandy, Terrell Owens tried to play the role of good soldier, smothering himself in postgame humility.

It was comical watching him try to save himself from being prosecuted for war crimes. T.O. is Jerry Jones' main co-conspirator. Owens helped convince Jones that he could fill Dallas' roster with the Pacman Joneses, Tank Johnsons, Roy Williamses of the football world and win big. Owens created the hey-look-at-me Hollywood environment that set the stage for the Tony Romo-Jessica Simpson soap opera.

Just for the record, I'm not bagging on Romo for knocking designer boots, but you don't sport Louis Vuitton Vienna Minimalisas at Texas Stadium. You rock those suckers on a night out on the town or when she shows up at the front door wearing Uggs, a trench and nothing else. You let Jessica run wild at a football stadium and she's a well-built distraction.'s-all-about-character

That should get the ball rolling.

I'm off to tap dance on The Dallas Cowboy's 2008 season grave.

White T.O Monkeys, not just for bilking dumbass Yankees for more double-wide coin anymore...

posted on Dec, 29 2008 @ 08:01 PM
I think that the reason why the Dallas Cowboys have blown a playoff bid each of the last two seasons is due to at least one or two things. For the past three seasons, they have either choked in the playoffs or when a playoff spot is on the line. Personally, I think it may be their egos that get in the way. We all know how big of an ego Terrell Owens has anyway. Look at what happened between McNabb and Owens or Garcia and Owens. All that T.O. cares about is getting that paycheck every week.

As for Pacman Jones.......

I want to know why Comissioner Goodell let that no good slimebag back into the league after his suspension was up. What happened after when Mike Vick was arrested was that Vick got suspended indefinitely. There is little or no chance that Vick will ever be able to return to the National Football League. The punishment that Vick received should have been what Jones also received after being involved in that shooting at a Vegas strip club that left one of the bouncers paralyzed for the rest of his natural life. As what WFAN Radio's Chris "Mad Dog" Russo said, "Where is this new comissioner? Have the guts to do something. I'm getting tired of hearing about the Pacman Jones and the Tank Johnsons and the Cincinatti Bengals of the league."

Full Video of Chris Russo's explosion.

Most of the players in the National Football League have very good character when it comes down to it. I mean you never hear of the Brothers Manning, the Tony Gonzalezes, the Kurt Warners, or the Drew Brees' of the National Football League getting into trouble. I think that it all has something to do with the fame and fortune that comes with the National Football League. Over half of the National Football League had no one else in their family play for the National Football League.

posted on Dec, 29 2008 @ 08:11 PM
reply to post by gimmefootball400

Calls for a new commissioner... I could live with that.

While well intended (or so I believe) I think Roger is suffering from a certain amount of disconnect from the fans and players alike. Can you say shill for the owners? I knew you could.

Mister Rogers Monkeys, not just for having a wonderful day in the neighborhood anymore...

posted on Dec, 29 2008 @ 08:27 PM
What happens now is that when most teams get to the playoffs or close to the playoffs is that it all goes to their heads. When it does that, it inflates there egos also. It seems that when the Cowboys signed Tank Johnson, Pacman, and Roy Williams was that Jerry Jones must have been listening to Terrell Owens hype about these guys instead of listening to Fox Sports or ESPN. As for why Dallas finds a way to blow games is due to at least one factor. I think what it is is that when their egos inflate, it goes to their brains and affects their play calling. Yesterday, it looked like Dallas couldn't execute every single play that they called. That or Philly's defense was just ready to fight for a playoff spot.

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