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The Origin of Creativity

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posted on Dec, 28 2008 @ 03:40 AM
I have often wondered where ideas come from? How does the creative process work? Ian Punnett recently interviewed Dean Koontz and the author ever-so-slightly suggested an idea that has occurred to me on more than one occasion. Mr. Koontz mentioned that creative writing ideas might actually come "to him" or "through him" as opposed to coming "from him." Dean is not the only creative person that I have heard mention this concept. The late, great Stevie Ray Vaughan was not an educated man, though most folks recognize his musical genius. I once saw a television interview with SRV where he spoke about his music and the creative process. Stevie stated that he always felt that the music was flowing "to him and through him," rather than "from him." I believe this is the same concept Dean Koontz hinted at during his recent C2C interview.

Perhaps all ideas, all knowledge and wisdom, exist somewhere in reality. Every possible invention, every song, every poem, novel and short story is 'out there' waiting to be discovered. These gifts have already been conceived and created ...They are simply waiting to be found, perhaps channeled, by people who are 'tuned in.' I believe human beings are like radios. The mass of men are less 'tuned in', therefore they receive more static. 'Creative' folks are better 'tuned in' and have better reception, more clarity.

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