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7 days - Its beginning to look alot like mayhem - Day 2

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posted on Apr, 6 2004 @ 08:42 PM
April 7th 2004/D-48
Day 2 Its beginning to look a lot like mayhem

The sun was coming up over Jerusalem only a day after the terrorist attacks across the land, a day of national mourning was declared led by a groundbreaking session of the Knesset, a proposed emergency authorisation act was passed overwhelmingly giving Arial Sharon plenipotentiary power over the Israeli Defence Forces and the states nuclear forces, a war cabinet was immediately assembled after the service to plot the forthcoming revenge attacks across the beard.
Agent Yoshi Benjamin of the Mossad was sitting beside the Prime Minister, bringing forth new intelligence suggesting that Hamas and Hezbollah were responsible but had received help from foreign Governments, this provoked shouts of anger from the 6 person team destined with keeping the peace in the middle east this week.
The official minutes give us an insight into this meeting and the heated exchange.

BENAMIN, Y: Mr Prime Minister, I feel this evidence is conclusive, why else would Saudi and Syrian agents be meeting with known terrorist leaders in mosques, the only place we have little to no surveillance in, it is highly irregular and the only logical conclusion to draw is that they have been behind it, we are currently detaining these men, this is an act of war Prime Minister, we must prepare. We suffered in the past for our foolishness and our trust in the Arabs not to send waves of their soldiers to death.
ALKSA: But what if they dont tell us anything Yoshi, we cant piss our time around on them, we need to find the families of the bombers, they will talk once their wives heads are put in front of them
BENJAMIN, Y: We have our ways Mr Secretary, they will talk, there is no doubt about it, but we MUST prepare, our intelligence suggests the increased training across the Arab nations may be in preparation for an invasion.
Prof SHMOLI: That is preposterous Mr Benjamin, do not bring your conjecture to the table of a war cabinet, you are a goyim dealing with matters concerning our very survival, you do your job and the IDF WILL be doing theres.
SHARON: Those meddling old bastards at the UN will be all over us now what right do they have to poke their nose into the affairs of the Jewish state, I concur with you Yoshi, we must begin a full call-up of reservists, we shall cite this under civil defence measures, now, we must plan how to respond to these actions. I will consult with President Bush and allied leaders and you will have my decision by 10. Shalom.
Meeting Adjourned

And so across the land the word got out through TV and radio, men and women normally making their way to work but staying home on this day of mourning were ordered to proceed to the local civil defence stations to return to immediate active duty, there was little protest to this decision as the people of the tiny state genuinely feared for their safety, as well as their families.
Meanwhile, President Sharon was on the phone to world leaders, President Bush and Prime Minister Blair were ready to bend to Sharons will, this pleased him greatly knowing they would sacrifice the lives of their own soldiers with nothing more than a request from him. The predicament plagued him, what to do next, he had full power and the backing of world leaders, he alone would be remembered as the man who went eyeball to eyeball with terrorism, his legacy depended on his actions for today.
The plan was set; a massive assault was to begin at 11:10 local time, targets, less than 10 minutes flying time from their bases would be struck by Israeli aircraft, 16 flights of 12 aircraft would begin the largest offensive air operation since the Iraqi war, backed by American carrier borne aircraft from the Nimitz and Ronald Reagan groups in transit through the Mediterranean on their way back to Americas eastern ports, this brief interlude in their journey saw F/A-18s and other supporting aircraft take off and come in low over the Israeli coast, for all the pilots knew they were bombing shepherds, the location of the attacks was kept top secret and only numbers and coordinates were issued.
The targets were training camps deep inside Syria, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, the American carrier aircraft being tasked the easiest of the three, the Syrian camps outside Damascus and varied towns, these towel heads would never know what was going to hit them before a fiery rain of death fell from above. There were minimal contacts on the search radars, nothing but civilian aircraft out of Damascus and Beirut and those were to be left alone at all costs. The IDF and RAF had the somewhat tougher jobs of taking out Saudi Arabian camps and to a lesser extent the ones across the red sea on the east coast of Egypt, the swarm of aircraft came in low over the Negev and grouped ready to punch to afterburner and reach their targets in minutes, Egyptian search radars had illuminated them and fire control radars were swivelling to paint the intruders, Egyptian air defence forces had been on alert ever since the beginning of this crisis, purely to match the status of the IDF and surrounding nations, they did not expect the attack though and the pilots were slow at getting to fighters, Egypt was the biggest threat to the Freedom Raids on the 7th for the Egyptian defence umbrella was formidable with over 4000 pieces and hundreds of combat aircraft, it was imperative to strike the Islamic Jihad camps quickly and dart back over the Saudi Border, any Egyptian aircraft following would be met with the problem of intruding into an allies airspace, however that did not stop them and they played directly into the hands of the allies.
The screens on the E-3 Sentry aircrafts circling just to the east of Jerusalem and above Kuwaiti airspace portrayed a traffic jam of fighters both friendly and hostile, after successfully striking the camps in Egypt and the south of Saudi Arabia they met over the northern part of the country, drawing the Egyptians in from the west and the Saudis from the east they met in the middle, dropping external tanks they headed straight for the floor, the descent at this low level already caused them to disappear, now the Saudis and Egyptians were faced with a group of fighters and no way of identifying friend or for short of visual contact and they werent THAT brave. The Egyptian squadron launched first, firing off 26 AMRAAMs at a range of 29 miles, enough to lock onto half the targets, the Saudis responded in kind with a further 40 missiles, with multiple SAMs taking off from the ground, this was a standoff and the carrier pukes were getting out, the EA-6B electronic warfare aircraft were busy in the centre of the group generating plenty of radar noise and false contacts suddenly dived to the ground and turned off their powerful equipment, punching to max speed they headed northwest to the Israeli border and the protection of the newly purchased Arrow batteries, designed to take out incoming scuds and rumoured to be capable of stopping a ballistic missile.
Back in the skies above the Saudi desert, the AMRAAMs from all sides were suddenly confused by a loss of a target, with the American group diving to the deck and flying through the desert at afterburner speeds the missiles simply re-assessed the situation and decided to go for the nearest targets their allies, flying directly into the opposing sides they immediately locked onto the nearest targets and within the next few minutes the aerial scramble was intense, the 66 AMRAAMs and multiple SAMs smashed into their targets, the close range turned it into a slaughter and over 30 aircraft were lost outright and a further 20 damaged, the allies did not get away though, an ambush set up by Saudi pilots caught them cross over the negev and took down 7 F/A-18s and 12 F-16s. However this loss was a monumental embarrassment to the Arab states and enraged their air forces, as of now a state of war existed between NATO & Israel and the Arab states of Syria, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, the stage was set for a final battle, but the second day had further problems in store for both sides.
At an emergency session of the United Nations Security Council the members voted unanimously to approve the actions of the Allied Governments, this led to fierce protests from Arab nations and threats of death to the west, having heard these threats before many times the western nations merely shrugged. However, the Arab league decided it was time to show the west just who was holding the cards, immediate orders were given to all Islamic states to freeze the sale of oil to western Governments with those not complying facing devastating consequences.
For once the ports all over the Arab world fell silent, super tankers lay still and unfilled and the west was faced with a tough choice, but it really wasnt much of a choice at all, without the supplies there would be a massive global shortage within 3 months, action had to be taken.

posted on Apr, 6 2004 @ 08:47 PM
exciting day two, excellent writing again nerdling, i enjoyed reading, waiting now for next installation

posted on Apr, 6 2004 @ 08:51 PM
*cream* told you, no promises

very awesome day two man. this is rapidly accelerating to a world war. i like.

posted on Apr, 6 2004 @ 08:52 PM
I intended this to be a chapter for turnover only, but i thought i should throw some action into it just for fun, thanks as always for the kind words

posted on Apr, 6 2004 @ 10:12 PM
Write faster. This is engrossing.


posted on Apr, 6 2004 @ 10:42 PM
whens the movie coming out lol.

awesome work both in this and part 1, i can only look forward to reading what is yet to come.

posted on Apr, 7 2004 @ 01:03 PM
Patience my young jedi's, part 3 will be out tonight!

posted on Apr, 7 2004 @ 11:22 PM
Due to

i have been wrecking my brains over find the rings, next chapter comes out 08/4/04

posted on May, 30 2004 @ 05:38 PM
Excellent Stuff nerdling, please post part 3

posted on May, 30 2004 @ 05:42 PM

As of this Friday my exams are done and i'm through for the summer.

I will be continuing this story right through

posted on Jun, 17 2004 @ 05:46 AM
i am really looking forward to part 3, i hope to read it soon

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