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The Bush Body COunt

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posted on Jan, 21 2003 @ 10:44 AM
I was so amused by the Clitnon body count list,I had to add one for Bush.Its funny.I asked a friend the other day about who is Rush Limbaugh's audience?He said something very interesting to me.He said,look at his sponsers & then look at his audience.Rush relys on a very guliable audience who will believe what ever they're told(ala:Fox News,CNN,etc)His advertisers go after the "get rich over night scheme", "Work from your home","Balding?Grow your hair back now",etc.all very trashy/guliable products that the listeners fall for.

So,I then read a Clinton body count website(gee,on a conspiracy website message board,how unusual)Clitnon was investigated non-stop for 8 years.70 million dollars of the taxpayers money was spent looking into this guys affairs.If they honestly found just ONE person murdered & Clinton was suspicious,you don't think they would have run with it?C'Mon!

So,just like anyone here could type under google & find thousands of anti-Clinton conspiracy sites,the same can be done for Bush.Heres my favorite one.

If you want more body counts by Bush,I'll try to get the names of the 3,000 that were killed on 9/11.

You may not agree or like what I posted,but at least we're fair showing 2 sites saying pretty much the same thing.


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