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A new Burger from Carl's jr

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posted on Dec, 24 2008 @ 09:24 AM

Hardees and Carls Jr are owned by the same company fwiw.

I see a lot of these cholesterol laden bombs written up in the press now and then.

Not here to argue whether or not to eat them, but I would definitely pass on this burger and in fact I don't order bacon-burgers.

Nutritional values, calories, sodium content and other information are somewhat easy to find where these burgers are concerned.

I'm wondering how the backyard burgers that come off the grilles of America stack up against the Fast Food burgers?

Granted, most times the home-grilled burger isn't a mountainous wonder like the Carl's jr burger talked about at the above site, but it would compare to the average burger at a Fast Food joint.

A typical home-grilled burger is usually something along these lines at my house.

Extra lean hamburger, 1/8# to 1/4# or so.
Wheat bread for me, hamburger buns for the girls.
Mayonaise, touch of mustard, slice or three of tomato,slice of onion, lettuce pretty much does it.

Sometimes they're cheese burgers with a slice of American cheese or a couple narrow and thin slices of Cheddar off the block of Cheddar.

Has anyone seen or even heard of the typical All-American BBQ'd burger being assigned a nutritional value?

I'm betting it may be 50%-75% as high as a Fast Food burger.

Either way, once a week doesn't seem to hurt as far as eating a Fast Food burger.
My weight stays about the same.

And . . . our favorite Fast Food burger is In & Out Burgers.

Just guessing here, but it's a pretty standard burger and it looks to me like it would compare favorably with the 'standard' burgers at a Fast Food joint and probably be less harmful nutritionally speaking....


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