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Satellites in triangular formation - not UFOs, just classified NOSS NAVY satellites

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posted on Jan, 21 2003 @ 10:05 AM
I wonder many times what is the theory of the people who have UFO interests about the satellites in formation that passed over the sky from few years time? Most of the skywatchers without astronomical education are thinking that this satellites are real UFO objects, but serious man who want to know the truth about UFO phenomen arenít thinking on this way and they of course want scientifical provements. I have email connection with large number of scientists, profesional astronomers and normal man who establish skywatch and are working professional or just for the pleasure to be part of ufology and one of them write to me that this satellites in formation are classified NOSS Navy Satellites and they arenít UFO objects. Maybe the military create desinformation about this satellites in triangle formation and describe them like UFOs because they donít want society to know about this very special orbiting vehicles that may carry installed on board lazer weapons (SDI) or nuclear heads because this fact is violating international law of UN from 1968 that denied militarizing the space. Or maybe the programs about satellites in formation are too expensive and for this reason they must be secret program to avoid social confrontation ?

Vesselin Alexeev Yakovov

posted on Jan, 22 2003 @ 03:43 AM
I agree that satellites COULD be mistaken for UFOs, but this doesn't explain ALL of the sightings.

Satellites are in ordit AROUND the earth, what about the 'low-level' sightings?

A large number of reported sightings occur at fairly low altitude, they have even been reported 'buzzing' aircraft.
Then we have to consider actual landings and reports of UFOs following ground vehicles, not forgetting the reported crashes such as Roswell.

No, satellites can't explain everything.

posted on Jan, 22 2003 @ 04:23 AM
Yes, satellites in formation can't explain all the UFO sightings. If you read "My UFO observations" here in this forum - I have observation on metalic spheres over Sofia in daylight and it is not possible to say satellites in daylight, and also is not possible any satellite to stop - every satellite must circle around Earth with 7,9 km/sec.I think that most of the UFOs such like this silver objects are flying in sub-orbital levels higher that SAM radar threat, but lower than real orbit and anti-satellite weapons.About the crashes and dezinformation I have here at home(I live in Bulgaria - East Europe) few very interesting books about aerospace vehicles and orbital military systems and it is possible part of this crashes to be secret orbital weapon platform with nuclear or lazer systems on board, but when Rosswell incident happened at 1947 there is no satellites in orbit and it is possible most of the sightings happened before space era to be reall UFO sightings. Also another important detail how to separate satellites from reall UFOs you know that satellites can't stop, can't circle and can't accelerate speed, aslo satellites CAN'T BE SAWN IN DETAILS WITH SPOTTING SCOPE - I talk with astronomers and they anwer me that ISS and Space shuttle can be saw in details with 200 mm telescope, but to saw satellite like little bal with poor 40-50X magnification optic is not possible- this sub-orbiting vehicle - maybe like russian shuttle Ayaks, maybe like X15 rocket jet, or maybe reall UFO object.

[Edited on 22-1-2003 by File99]


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