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Sacramento UFO Sighting - Mystery Solved

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posted on Dec, 23 2008 @ 06:03 AM
Roseville UFO Mystery Solved

ROSEVILLE, CA - The mystery surrounding a series of lights seen hovering over Roseville Friday night has been solved.

The lights were attached to an airplane that belongs to a Bay Area aerial advertising firm that was announcing the grand opening of a tire store......

......"From a distance it looks unidentified, lights are blinking," said Jason Frost of American Air Lights in Concord. "You can't read the words unless you're in the target audience (below the plane).".....

.....Frost said the plane was also over the Sacramento area Thursday night and he welcomed the exposure from the short-lived UFO excitement.

Source with story, pic & great video explanation

These promotional companies are starting to throw up too many hoaxes.

Original story HERE

"Gocha!" .......................peace...nerb

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