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mouse trap

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posted on Dec, 12 2008 @ 03:18 PM
(mods- I'm not sure if this is where this thread should be, or even if ats is necessarily the forum for this so if not please delete and/or move, and accept my apologies, i put it in here as i guess the topic is how fragile life is here on earth, but maybe someone more knowledgable about the site will know of a better spot here on ats for this )

my parents house has had mice for a while now

frustrated with always having them around my parents knowing that mice can cause health problems for the elderly, i knew i needed to do something to get rid of them, the exterminators didnt work, neither did the poison pellets

seemed to be living with a family of mice for at least 2 years now, they never really bothered us, i would just hear them running through the walls every night and every now and then one would sneak up on me then show itself to me and run away scaring the crap out of me (lol)

i wouldnt get scared because they themselves scare me, but its like the way you get scared when someone sneaks up and says boo, you just get that frustrated jump because you dont expect it, then next thing you know somethings right there next to you

i knew i had to put some traps out and get rid of these mice, so i did just that, put peanut butter on a trap and set it right near where he just snuck up on me

a few minutes later i heard the snap of the trap, i went to look, the mouse was under the trap as the trap flipped over and the mouse was caught with his head in the trap and his little hind legs kicked and writhing in pain out from under the trap on top of him

ive never been very aware of life and death when "killing", bugs can be stepped on and squashed and a 2nd thought isnt given to the situation, and you think of exterminators and stuff and it doesnt even phase you and me

then you see on tv or hear from someone about the people who cant use mouse traps because its inhumane, and you hear about the people who think we should just catch these types of things in live traps and let them go, and most people just think theyre crazy and oversensitive

i myself even thought they were crazy and just blowing the situation way out of proportion

but when that mouse trap snapped and i saw it in such pain, after seeing it just running around mere minutes ago,something in me just clicked and i felt such sorrow and remorse, it felt as if i killed a human almost and i seemed almost shocked, i couldnt imagine why i was feeling this way over a mouse, but in my mind i just look at it as its not just a mouse, its a form of life that was taken away from this earth by the means of another beings decision, it seems like it makes life seem cheap

why as humans do we feel this sense of entitlement to kill and end other beings, even when it comes to something lower on the food chain like a mouse

how do you think we developed or evolved this way and what would it take to evolve humanity as a whole to have such respect for life

i mean how can we as humanity achieve enlightenment and do good when we have such a disrespect for life as we do

it makes me think back to native american ritual and many other beliefs where none of the killed animal would go to waste and they would pray for the death and soul of the animal, how do you think we lost such touch with reality, and what made others evolve while others held that respect

just would like to hear some opinions on the matter of life/death in respect to other beings here on earth

posted on Dec, 12 2008 @ 03:58 PM
I think every creature has a soul and that is why it hurts to see a creature killed. Because we know pain and we fear it just like the creatures do, and many of us fear death we either avoid hurting creatures or we distract our minds from knowing the pain that creatures endure on our behalf. I prefer to not harm creatures. I found a black widow in my back yard and put it in a jar. My friend had it for a few days and when I went to check on it, it looked like it was starving. I felt sorry for it so we decided to catch a bug for it. The only thing we found was a very large grasshopper. We knew nothing about spiders so we just put the grasshopper in there to see what happened. It ended up being a horrific deathmatch between the two and I regret having ever captured them. They both suffered for what seemed like forever and then they both died. I thought it was so sad, but at least their pain is over now.

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