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Properties of HD says more space being taken up than actually is

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posted on Apr, 3 2004 @ 09:59 AM
I'm having a slight problem with this...

if I rightclick on my c:/ it'll say something like...

5 gigs used, 1 gig free

but i know that only about 4 gigs are being used on that particular drive at the moment...what the hell happened to that 1 gig of memory? sure is a waste of good mem cause of a system error...

any ideas on what i can do?

posted on Apr, 3 2004 @ 02:12 PM
Try this progam...

Treesize pro (if the pro version doesn't work let me know and I will upload mine)

This is a program that should be built into windows explorer its so handy.

There can be a number of reasons why you have lost space.

The HD may take some for itself,
There may be many small files that are using a whole cluster and wasting space as well.

The HD is divided up into clusters, if a program takes only a small part of the cluster, then the rest of that cluster is deemed to be used, no other file can be in that cluster.

So, for example, if you write only one line on a page, you can't have another story on that entire page, all the space left is wasted.

Tresize shows all that wasted space as well.

Even with that working though 1 gig is certianly a lot of space used for nothing...

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