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How Do you Think Web Bot Works?

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posted on Dec, 1 2008 @ 05:03 PM
How I believe Web Bot works.

Take it however you like it's just my theory.

Collectively Web Bot grabs random bits of information from all over the net, all of this information is keyed in by humans, individuals, you and I, so this has very little to do with artificial technology like most people are suggesting.

Everyone one on this planet is sensitive to things that may occur, take for instance that person that you think about, then the phones rings a spilt second later and it's them. People are more in tune with things that will occur than they will admit. Gut feelings!

How many people go against their gut instinct, only to have the situation come back and bite them in the ass later?

People gravitate towards things, events, occurrences why?, well I think it has to do with everyone of us being energy, this is proven by science. The ripple in the pond effect is what I believe our conscientiousness is like, one large event effects us all good or bad, just like the phone call. I truly believe we are all connected and the more we realize this the more we will share information internally, be it good or bad. The times we are in seem to be focusing energies on major upheavals, Why? Don't actually know.

Computers only spit out what is put into them, even if they are artificial intelligence the information has to come from somewhere, us.

As our conscientiousness become more connected via whatever means, computer, cell phones, ESP, we will experience much more accurate predictions and feelings.

Again what does your gut tell you? Do you feel scared when everyone is telling you everything is OK? Maybe there is a reason for it.

Or maybe we do have the power to stop situations by putting on Rose Colored glasses and thinking positive. I guess it just depends on how individuals look at a situation, until the majority of people see things in a more positive light we will have chaos in this world.

But on a good note I truly believe the masses are waking up and the massive energy waves are being felt via the earth, so the earth is a conduit, just as web bot is. Nothing more or less.

Web bot is only a crude thermometer of human conscientiousness, until the masses discover we have the best indicator right inside us, and no more looking to outside sources for comfort.

Any other theories?

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posted on Dec, 1 2008 @ 05:32 PM
lol, well spider bots can't predict anything.

but I agree with the rest of what you said.

computers are nothing but garbage in and garbage out..

meaning they are only good enough of what we put into them and they will return that quaity on what we put into them.

I doubt spider bots can predict anything really or be even close. I think humans can predict better then the spider bot. The reason I say this is that we all read the news and we see head lines. If pakistan gives a warning to india that back off else will will attack.

I am sure we all would be like dang..... we might have a war here.

We don't need a computer to tell us that.

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posted on Dec, 1 2008 @ 07:04 PM
Sounds like you got a pretty good idea of it RealTruth.

Just to add a few details of my own understanding on how it works...

Our mind is made up of two main components: 1. The subconscious or 'association generator', and 2. The conscious, or 'observer/ego'.

The subconscious cares not about right or wrong, what feels good or bad, it merely takes information, mixes it together, and spits out new ideas. The conscious mind experiences and decides what's good or bad.

Now the thing is, the subconscious part of the mind is either connected to the subconscious minds of others, or we're all running the same program at the same time because we seem spit out ideas in groups. Even when a few people have never heard of each other or their ideas, they might come up with the same idea at the same time. Take the 100th monkey effect for an example... Anyway, what we do is we have these ideas, feelings, or whatever and we post them on the net which the webbot then picks up on. Most of the time we don't even realize it, because the language the webbot picks up is mostly archetypal. It's as if we're speaking from two minds at the same time. The one we're aware of, and the one we're not. The webbot guys then try and interpret this, although it's probably just as difficult as trying to interpret reverse speech.

That however doesn't explain the prophetic nature of our archetypal ramblings unless you consider that the subconscious mind runs on a different timeline than the conscious... a timeline that runs not parallel with but perpendicular to the timeline that we're consciously aware of... kinda like this. The timeline is constantly being added to and updated by the collective unconscious which is ever growing in complexity and sees all past and future at the same time. It doesn't insert things on the end of our timeline, but in between currently existing (from it's perspective) events. So in a way we exist everywhere in time, we're just usually not aware of it. We're only aware of our conscious minds, except in rare instances which if not understood properly can land one in the looney bin.


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