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high heels for babies,

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posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 09:41 AM
Goodness now im an avid shoe fan but i would never put them on my baby!

Seems the latest fasion in the UK is to put little pink heels on your 0-6 months old baby,

Now they do say the heels are soft and collapse and as the child is not really walking its more a fashion assesory rather than usefull,

But i really do not get the point of this? Why? Why the heck would someone think it looks good? On a baby? I cant even begin to understand why such a fashion would look good,

Babys are babys and all i want to see on a little Cherubs feet are Booties that are all soft and cute, nothing more!
Baby heels

With Christmas coming up, they're hoping the "sassy" shoes - a red pair for the festive season - will make them a spur-of-the-minute stocking-filler, despite the High Street gloom.

And Julia insists they will not damage baby's feet.

"They're from 0-6 months, so they wouldn't be suitable for a toddler," she explains. "Besides, if you try to put any weight on them, the heel collapses immediately."

posted on Dec, 12 2008 @ 06:43 AM
I couldn't help but chuckle on this one.

But......... It makes me wonder as to what will be next?

* Baby thongs?

* Fake Eyelashes?

* Augmentations?

Seriously, isn't it stuff like this that possibly might be fuel for a pedophile?

[edit on 12-12-2008 by Wingz]

posted on Dec, 12 2008 @ 08:07 AM
It's because society no longer values childhood.

The value is on sexuality. And the more tertiary sexual characteristics that a person can sport (fashion awareness), the more the onlooker feels justified and confirmed in their own attempts to fit in.

Compare that with say, the victorian era, when the most important trait for males was gallantry. So women could help men demonstrate gallantry by needing to be "saved and protected" by one. Women were seen as prone to fainting spells. This allowed nearby men to rush to her aid, and try to catch her before she swooned. Thus demonstrating that the he is a superior man, who attends to the needs of a lady.

Since then, the value of women has plummeted. Women (especially young women) are only valued for their ability to capture a male's attention. It doesn't really matter whether the attention is based on lust or disgust; it only matters that a man noticed her.

Just take a look at reality TV shows. Hugh hefners girlfriends, Motley Crue/public enemy girlfriends, and Kim Kardashian. people who are only famous for being sexy-stupid. But people watch it because it portrays women attempting to get a man's attention. "The Hills."

But the deplorable thing about these heels is the message it sends the baby. The most important thing is capturing other people's attention. And you don't do that by being entertaining--you accomplish it by owning the right accessory.

I believe the baby will grow up with a long-term mental construct that values accessories over people, and constant craving for other people's approval.

Is a little girl who wears those going to grow up and be able to tell any man that she's "Not that kind of girl?"

all the best.


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