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My Dreams...

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posted on Nov, 26 2008 @ 01:03 PM
I imagine since this is as well a dream forum-I will post mine here. If that doesnt not fall within the intended purpose of the forum, I am sure a moderator will delete the subject-without too much punishment .

If someone wants to give me insight as to what these odder dreams of mine might mean-I'd appreciate it!

November 26th 2008, 6am. In the context of 'germany' something or other, from a boat I found myself in the water-diving like dolphins within a pod of killer whales. It all seemed so real as the waves flowed off their backs inches from me, hitting me with their spray. Smooth water, sound of waves. I was scared. One from behind bit my foot. Wide rows of small teeth. I kept my foot, and, terrified; I wondered why. I thrust forward, which, was not really away, ever aware of the beast behind me. And woke up.

posted on Dec, 16 2008 @ 03:32 PM
They are getting more interesting.

The other night a pale, gay, thin goth male with black hair throwing stereos TO me. He was doing this in a here let me help you out manner. I am not gay but won't ignore a friendly gesture. Maybe there is a gay wishing me well. To which, thanks! Is this an indication that what has been a rotten decade in music will improve?

I then dreampt of A HUMAN invasion and gods creation of Jesuits to overseer the mess. rolls eyes. Uh huh.

Then I dreampt, my ex inlaw grandmother holding a beautiful mexican baby girl (their european spanish immigrants to mexico, panama, usa) trying to catch it a ship TO Mexico, from panama, I suppose. Alligators in the water, pale yellow aligators, clear water. And my helping her. Our, rather my, missing the ship-her as well. And then my swimming through the waters to another ferrie that they had already boarded, and the ships crew was just awful. Awful mean white people. I am white.

And then last night. Dogs and shutter board tunnels. Hungry dogs and trying to find them food. A market and a pig. Bought for and fed the dogs, which really were somewhat reindeer like. I don't use drugs. Don't need em! Maybe don't need em so much I should be on them, but the next segment of the dream is why I say. A flamboyant man busts in on the scene, where I am in a shutter board somewhat roomy structure adjacent to an outdoor garden. The paint peeling off the tressels of what is a quaint homey space outdoors: ie garden. He sits down and begins to emotionally micking shooting himself in the arm with a syringe while he goes on about how he has shot up over 300 times and see the tracks on his arm. I watch him and wonder what he is on about and why he is sharing what seems like a thinly veiled made up story as if it is the truth and what he means by telling me.

Well so I wake up from that one and the thought in my head is , "Oh No...! I have latex fruit allergy from spending a good portion of my childhood years in gloves performing medical duties" as if, the dream was conveying to me that the dream figure assumed there was something to do with my latex allergy and any herorin addiction that I never had.

I don't know, but they are definately strange and vivid dreams.

A gay male.
Reindeer dogs.
Men imitating heroin addicts and bragging about it for indeterminate reasons.
Pork processing.
Yellow aligators.
Flatboard houses.
Swamp ferries operated by white people in mid/south america.

My week. I wonder what or who its all about. Maybe my ex had a sister or a daughter lost to the world during his families immigration in the late 70/80s. I wonder if he were legal or barely legal. At one point the gov changed his birth place on our son's birth certificate from panama to unknown. That was strange, I had them change it back. Maybe he faked his death and had a sex change after becoming a heroin addict-his dad's rich. Stranger things have happened. Like the toosie roll pop, I'll never count the licks to get to the center, no want to.


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