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reposting important billy meier question

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posted on Nov, 25 2008 @ 03:24 PM
i made a post about billy meier the other day i was banned instantly i am absolutly disgusted as this is the first profile ive had.. check my ip for all i care! shame on your mods, shame on you!
im going to repost it here as i feel this is very important:

My beef with the Billy Meier case....

I would really like people whove studied the case to read the entire thread, and then reply to this as its bugging my mind like crazy.

I do not watch sci fi, movies etc... so i have a very open mind.

I believe in ufos... not just the term ufos but that some of them are intelligently controlled by people who do not originate from the same place as us.

I do believe that there are many other extra terrestrial species, many whom have visited earth for a long time and still do.

I myself have had an experience, and im pretty sure had many more sub consciously (i am looking into getting hypnotic regression treatment)l

The Billy Meier case fascinates me, ive been looking into it seriously for well over a year now, from the history of his private life to the contacts to the `teachings of jmanuel` to the `photos` etc etc.

I would love to imagine that there is a pleadian nation who are concerned for us, originated from the same place and had the same ancestors as us, but managed to evolve way way before us... this would be massive encouragment and would make them big role models for humanity if it were true.

I have given his story the benefit of the doubt and looked into it, and even though im still more on the `hoping it is true` side... some things dont add up.

Apparently after 20 years of claiming to be from the `pleadian` star system. in 1995 after hundreds of visits they admitted they are plejaren which is many light years beyond the pleadies, with an excuse of which doesnt make sense nor is very convincing.
What annoys me is how can you take seriously people who are misleading about where they come from.

Next, Billy Meier claims and this is what causes hostility even in the ufo world.. that he is the only person in contact with pleadians, isnt that arrogant, and if you follow channelings and other contactees sensibly (not gullibly), youll find he is NOT the only one.

Next, the pictures.. he admited the ones of ascot werent real and were from some tv show but claimed the m.i.b swaped them around, and he had amnesia and couldnt remember, im being serious look it up its one of the most exagurated excuses ive ever heard.

As a youth he had many serious mental issues, deserting school, deserting army being locked away countless times, his name isnt even `billy` its a nickname off his favourite cowboy `billy the kid`.

Im sorry to sound like a `billy meier` basher but im not, in fact i really hope the story is true.. i for one find it extremely uplifting and i think the pleadian beamships if they are real are amongst the most beautiful crafts ive seen.

However, im really not buying some of his the icing on the cake are `figu` his origanisation selling his dvd and pictures at ridiculous profit rolling prices... how can these be genuine if they are really spreading the world of a highly evolved and spiritual race wanting to `help us` .. why should we have to pay for that info!

This isnt a typical `were the pics hoaxed` thread.. this is a serious thread for somebody who wants to believe, but cant.. because theres no `oh well he was honest about some but some bits he faked to make money`, i dont buy that excuse, once a fraud always a fraud.. either the entire saga is genuine or its not... theres no two ways about it.

So please, if youve studied his case please reply to a very confused young man


[edit on 25-11-2008 by elliotplejaren]

posted on Nov, 25 2008 @ 03:40 PM
You study his case?????!!!!What a waste of time!!!Billy Meier is nothing but a hoax that idiot is selling books and videos to people like him mentally ill and sick but the main thing is that people who buys anything from him are STUPID.

Read this and stop with stupid question about this idiot!!!!

posted on Nov, 25 2008 @ 11:20 PM
reply to post by elliotplejaren

Your other thread is still active. Seems to me you could have continued there. If you got banned then that is awkward, unless the moderator(s) had a good reason. Lets wait and see.

posted on Nov, 25 2008 @ 11:38 PM
Please redirect your comments to this thread.

Thank you.

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