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An enounter with a spirit

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posted on Nov, 22 2008 @ 02:59 PM
This is an account of something that happened to me a few years ago. It wasn't a singe event but a set in sequence.
5 years ago or so me and my partner at the time ( I will call her Jane) traveled to North Wales to stay with her folks for a while.
The building is an old isolated farm house approx 3-400 years old. I had been many times before and enjoyed staying there.
One night we were laying there together going off to sleep when I felt something cross the bed. It felt as heavy as a big cat or something. I woke Jane and told her, we turned on the lights and could find nothing. She said i must have imagined it. I agreed with her for the ease of a good nights sleep, forgot about and started going off to sleep again. Well half hour later or so, I felt the same thing again. recollect thinking I am not imagining this I can feel it. Again I woke Jane and we looked around the room. Again we found nothing.
The incident past we came and went from the house several times and I forgot a about it. Then on one visit we were staying in the bedroom opposite to the one I had an encounter in. The lights were off and I was dozing off to sleep, Jane next to me. My eyes were closed but i wasn't really asleep. I had a vision in my mind off a young girl coming down from the roof, she was asking me for a light. She came towards the bed were I was sleeping. As she approached i felt an increasing pressure on my chest. The closer she came the stronger the pressure. The weight of which was so strong it was stopping me breathing. I tried to talk or shout asking Jane for help, but i could not speak or move properly. Jane for some reason woke up and was asking me if I was ok. I was trying to tel her to turn on the light but could not. She did get up and turn the light on and as she did it all disappeared. I didn't feel scared by what had happened, it didnt feel like whatever this was, was trying to hurt me on purpose.
Later she said that she could sense something was wrong and that's why she turned on the light. I went back to back to sleep, nothing further happened that night of not apart from a very distinct dream. The dream was very short and in it I passed from a doorway in the house into the garden. A voice said this is the significance of this dream. The next day I went to look at the door in the dream in reality it passed from one room to the next, not outside. I told Jane about my dream and she said that the room I was looking out on was an extension built maybe 200 hundred years ago and that before that this door would have gone outside. As it had in my dream. I had no knowledge of this before and you could not by looking at the building note it was an extension.
We came and went several more times, nothing else happened apart from one final things. A year or so after I was staying at the house again. I had a dream that I met the girl that I had seen before. I was making a light for her. I cant really remember much of this dream but remember that much. Since then although I have been there nothing else has happened.
I did ask her mum if she had ever seen anything strange in the house, she said no.
Anyway that's about it. Please dont bother commenting calling me a liar or anything, because as said here is just how it happened. When I look back at it I see it as one of the strangest thing that has happened in my life.

best wishes

posted on Nov, 22 2008 @ 08:04 PM
Reading your story I think you met the ghost of a young girls that was caught between the worlds (dimensions).

It often occurs when a person (young or old) is ripped away suddenly from life, that they feel ost and do not understand where their Etherial body is. They seek for the Light bc they are stuck in the dark.

Your vision: " I had a vision in my mind off a young girl coming down from the roof, she was asking me for a light," was a request of her ' ghost' (Etherial Energy) to guide her the way to the Light.



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