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A letter to my local MP

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posted on Nov, 11 2008 @ 04:06 PM
I was thinking how the Elite were manipulating the world, forging a paradigm where we all as citizens had our power over our own destinies robed from us by debt to banks and failing economy. I was think about how they only way to combat such a force is in numbers, and that in reality you just can't wake the peoples up of today to this conspiracy without appearing to be a nut.

I realised that you may just not have to. That if our nation's people held good values and lived financially responsible lives then power cannot be robbed. Well what if we just woke people up to these threats and forget about the agenda behind them.

So I wrote this letter to my local MP, Eric Roy.

Note: 'Aotearoa' means "Land of the long white cloud" (New Zealand) in Māori.

Hello Eric.

Let me start by saying I did not vote for you. However, you were voted in and therefore it is my responsibility to support you and the decision our people made. Congratulations.

Now to the point. I feel I need to voice concern with economy matters here at home. We are walking down a path to economic crisis as America has already done. In case you aren’t savvy on what happened, read on. Quite simply, the problem came about when banks made bad loans and could not retrieve the money. People are living outside their means and borrow money for things they cannot afford. And when it comes time to pay back the money, they are unable, and the banks lose money. When continual bad loans are made, the bank begins to lose big, and start to go bankrupt. In order to save themselves, they too have to borrow money, and unless they cannot make profit and instead continue to make bad loans, they can’t pay back the money that they inturn borrowed.

Soon the big banks come in and buy up the small banks and then the big banks start to lose money, as well. Big banks carry a nation’s economy and when people cannot afford the amount they are spending, the debt mounts and economy flounders.

So that’s how it happens, but why does it happen? It’s simply because too many people borrow money they cannot pay back, and live outside of their means.

I see so many world leaders trying to manage the debt of nations at a national level, yet at best that is only treating the symptoms of the problem. The true source of the problem is that we, as individuals, live outside of our means.

We know that people in large numbers do silly things and make big problems that no individual by his or her lonesome can fix. Well this is an example of that pattern. People borrow money and live in debt, which they are incapable of handling because they are irresponsible. There are so many forms of “financing” that enable people to ‘buy now and pay later’; they cannot help but get into debt. People live on credit and credit is not real money! When so many people these days live on credit alone – EFTPOS, credit cards or whatever – debt is invisible and it becomes rampant.

People just don’t know how to live responsibly and make no mistake this is an epidemic! We are taught to act responsibly by our parents, because it’s the decent thing to do. Well that isn’t the whole truth. We are all interconnected, what we do affects those around us –it’s an inescapable reality. There is a saying out there that I’m sure you’ve heard before: “Don’t # where you eat.” Well, it applies here too. To live a financially irresponsible life is not only to ruin and handover one’s future but others’ as well. Responsible living is not just good advice, sir, but it a responsibility we have as a citizen of our beloved nation.

Like so many problems in this day, crime, violence, health care, poverty, crashing economy, quick fixes do not work. You cannot fix a problem that exists at an individual level by acting on a national level- even if the problem is nation wide.

Mr. Roy, you are in a unique position to do something about this major problem, we all are. The only fix to such a big problem is a grassroots movement to reinstitute responsible living. I went to Gore High School, and Bill English would come along to speak to us, and he would inform us that we Southlanders’ were good, wholesome, neighbourly people. I ask that you serve you public and start promoting the responsibility that we so desperately need. Go to schools and talk to students, inform them that as New Zealander’s that we all have responsibilities as citizens, that they have the power to make NZ prosper or dwindle, not the politicians, and that with that power, there is responsibility.

We all can do something to lend a helping hand, we all have the power to make a difference in this world, and it starts with family, friends and local environment. This is our duty. This is how we make Aotearoa great.

Mr Roy, be part of the solution, and spread good values and the message of responsible living.

A concerned citizen

[edit on 11/11/2008 by Good Wolf]


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