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Project 'Identification' and skywatch works

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posted on Jan, 18 2003 @ 08:01 AM
Project Identification

ìFor about 7 years from 1973 till 1980 prof.Rutlij provide in USA project ìIdentificationî . He have 620 man working with 58 mobile ground stations . Many of this man were scientists and specialists in different optical processes . They use photo-systems, sound detectors electromagnetic detectors . The observations were provide in UFO-sighting areas . The scientists scan the sky about 24 hour a day, for seven years they detect 123 times UFOs . They detect flight-directions using radar-system . They have take more than 700 photos, UFOs were orange red or white balls of light that change light-intenzitet, change flight direction very fast, disappear and after time appear again . Similar projects were provide in Texas (Project ìStarlightî) and Norland (Project ìHesdallenî) . Analyzing the data they find that this phenomenaís appear on one and same point without any statistic regulation in time.î
(ìUFO-Nearest meetingsî-Helmut Lammer, O.Silda, pages 20-21 in bulgarian version)
ìVery effective is cosmic photo-intelligence when in the board there is human because he can work with the different systems including many of the optical tools for observation . The power in magnification rules the diameter in meters of the very smallest objects that human eye can see from different distances from earth surface (Table 4)(ìOn battle orbitî Georgy Gerginov, page 56,Military books , 1986. )

Table 4 -

Optical tool

Naked eye, 100km- 60m, 200km- 120m, 500km- 300m, 1000km- 600m.

Binocular 6X, 100km- 20m, 200km-40m,500km-100m, 1000km- 200m.

Binocular 15X, 100km-3m, 200km-16m, 500km-40m, 1000km-80m.

Scope 60X, 100km-1m, 200km-2m, 500km-3m, 1000km-10m.

Scope 120X, 100km- -, 200km-0,3m, 500km-0,6m, 1000km-1,2m.

! The table show the capability of optical tool at X distance parameter to detect the most possible smaller object in meters.

Serious scientifically projects like prof.Rutlij ëIdentificationí and modern project ëHessdalení in anomaly zones give serious results like scientifically data about UFO nature. For people like us this means that when serious man with scientifically education work hard and professional with the idea to detect and photo UFO object or objects they are really able to do serious success that is not only UFO photo album but physical and scientifically parameters of UFO phenomena that is important data for modern science.
In the text of table 4 the capabilities of 120X times magnification scope to track smaller objects at hundred of kilometers distance are real. In fact normal observer can track object smaller than 1 meter at distance larger than 100km, and object smaller than man at 500km distance(280 sea miles). And if the observer have technical knowledge he can understand what kind of object he is watching - satellite, rocket, plane or real UFO.
The big problem in this scientifically research are the large number of observations that must be done long years time serving the idea to track and photo UFO object. Itís needed every single observation to be written in special book including data, time, optical tool, weather condition, result.
Important detail is to separate astronomical observation from UFO-skywatch or jet-intercept observations. The skywatch is observation for tracking UFO object, jet-intercept is observation to track secret black air-projects like hypersonic Aurora - you see this are very different subjects or exploration. Also many skeptical astronomers during their asto-practice are witnesses of UFO activity but most of them doesnít want to speak about this because they have fear for his career and professional reputation and what shall say the other scientists about their UFO-hunts ?
Now about conventional skywatch tools that ufo-hunters and jet spotters are using in their observation practice I must write here that in night observation is better to use tools with serious light-gather capabilities and this is really right and true than powerful optical tools but with bad vision. In fact this means binoculars like 15X60, 20X80, 30X90 and so on large arperture binos, not models like 20X50 or 30X50. And for example here in Bulgaria I made my best observations with binocular ëKronosí 20X60 made in Russia - this bino is really the best optical tool at price of only 90 USD with very best metal construction, lens made from very special military glass and high light-gather capabilities for 20X magnification. Also binoculars made in wets countries are few times expensive and arenít too good in sight because soviet and russian tools are build for military not for civil exercises and also they are like armor and serve more time than any binocular made in West Europe or USA.
Daylight observations are different hypothesis and they have very specific differences between night skywatch. In daylight observations skywatchers and interceptors can use optical tools with smaller light-gather capabilities because sun-light is enough for tracking the target on the sky. This means that spotting scopes with big 50X magnification but poor arperture lenss of 50mm may be used successfully for tracking planes or UFOs. In daylight observations we may use large aperture binoculars with serious light gather-capabilities like 20X80, but because too many light focused stright the eye this is real danger to the health of the eyes and observer must use orange filters to avoid powerful light in his eyes. Also orange filters made binocular sight sharper and user can easily track and watch distant object that without this filters. Another important advice that I can give here is to use perfect eye-glasses like car drivers because the most UFO detectionís happened with naked eye not with optical tool and sun light is too strong sometimes that observer can missed UFO object easily. Remember that first you must see the object with your own eyes after that you must saw it under binocular and finally track it with powerful scope hope to take some hot UFO shots.

Links- (including binoculars 20X60,26X70,30X90) (including 100mm 100Xpower scope) (perfect ZRT 457 spotting scope) (Hessdalen UFO skywatch org.) (interceptor web page) (interceptor web page)

V.Alexeev Yakovov


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