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Isn't Obama's Redistribution of wealth plan exactly like the trickle up bailout idea?

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posted on Nov, 6 2008 @ 11:45 AM
I might be missing something ... and i'm in no way sticking up for obama, i just need some clarification ... i remembered reading this thread a little while back and in it it states,

I respectfully request that you send me and my family my bail-up package immediatly. You can start by sending us $7,000. We might request more if we find that you haven't sent us enough money the first time around. By my reckoning $700 Billion divided by 100 million taxpayers comes to $7,000 each. You are not allowed to ask me how I will use the money. I might use it to buy guns, gold and ammunition or I might use it to pay off some of my creditors. Again it's my damn business.

I remember the popularity of this thread and how everyone thought it was a good idea in fact it got 90 flags and 88 stars just to show how popular it was ... but now since obama uses the term of "redistribution of wealth" for the same concept it's considered communism? i really don't understand the how these two are not related ...

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