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The Light Under the Door

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posted on Mar, 30 2004 @ 11:31 AM
Jarrin always liked the simple life he had built, but his wife always wanted him to get more involved in the council. He had always had a way with people that put them at ease and leave with a smile. Knuckling a tear from his eye he moved to prop himself up on the wall he found his right arm didn't want to work right. In the waning light he knew it looked for his son.

"Where is he?" Jarrin stared at the night confused at it's ability to speak. The tight skin, black scarred leather, pulled tight over knotted muscle spoke again in a whisper of shifting gravel.

"Speak or you both die. Where is the boy?"
"I don't know who you mean. It's just me and my wife here." He lied, but he would probably die anyway. In the waning light of the candles meant for reading, he saw his boot. The one he put on today and couldn't remember taking off until he looked at his leg. Blood still flowed out the gash in his shoulder.

Anger boiled in the Agrin as it advanced on the man. Only a small whimpering stopped it. The Agrin grinned bearing bloodstained teeth that had easily taken the small pile near the fireplace that was once Jarrin's wife.

"You lie old man. But you are no longer needed now."

The Agrin faded into the night again. In Jarrin's last thought he knew he had failed as he felt the wind of death come for him. It was done and Sirasith knew he had finally found what his master wanted. He shuddered in the ecstasy of the reward he would get from his trophy. Moving to the chest he found what he wanted as light filled the room. Sirasith choked as he was lifted by the tightening noose of air around his neck.

“You’ll not have him Agrin.” boomed the intruder.

Furious the thing writhed in the restraints before breaking the threads of air that held him to throw the heavy oak table at the wizard. The table exploded from a fist of air sending splinters raining down around the room only gave the wizard enough time to thicken the air around himself to slow his attacker to a more manageable speed. Claws raked his side soaking the wizard’s shirt almost instantly as a finger think line of earth and fire seared through the Agrin’s chest. Blood ran from the spawn’s mouth as it dropped to one knee gasping.

Sirasith knew he had used up much of his strength in speed and illusion thinking the wizard dead already. Liquid fire flew from its claws using the last bit of strength left, but his flows were too weak, flowing around the wizard to enflame the small house. The wizard drew his sword flashing orange in the light of the burning house and sent it flashing toward the Agril. Blood showered over the ways sizzling in the flames as the Agrin’s head fell to the floor, the stench of his fetid blood and copper filling the air.

“I always wanted things to be different between us brother. I wish only that you know I loved you enough to send you to your master. I’ll remember you for you were not evil once.” The pain of resolution marked his face as he moved to the child. Scooping him up in his arms, he took all of the blankets as fall was already touching the days of late.

“Come child, all is well now. We leave for your true home. You shall be the greatest among us. For this the prophesy has spoken and we are truly blessed in your light.”

[Edited on 30-3-2004 by KrazyJethro]

posted on Mar, 30 2004 @ 11:37 AM
ooh...wizards and magick...good stuff.. continue please

posted on Mar, 30 2004 @ 12:55 PM

By the way, what's with the (yellow) stuff and why does it get top position?


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