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"serious and troubling"

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posted on Jan, 17 2003 @ 06:39 PM
Heres one for the lovers of truth and logic out there.

A spokesman for President George W Bush said it was "serious and troubling" that UN inspectors in Iraq had discovered 11 empty chemical warheads.

Now, if as Bush and Blair keep telling us they have cast iron, rock solid, irrefutable evidence that Sadam has stock piles of chemical weapons why would 11 empty war heads be serious and troubling?
If you already have this evidence of stockpiles of actual weapons then 11 empty shell casings are insignificant and irrelevant?

One reason to jump on the existence of empty warheads would be if you don't have any other actual evidence, just conjecture.

[Edited on 18-1-2003 by AlecMac]

posted on Jan, 17 2003 @ 06:47 PM
The US and UK will supply the vital evidence around the end of the month.And so co-incidently at the very time Blair and Bush need their evidence.................Remember Field of Dreams...."If you build it,they will come"

posted on Jan, 17 2003 @ 07:53 PM
John Bull - You deserve another ribbon with more colors for the Field of Dreams reference. Ok, make it an oak leaf cluster.

posted on Jan, 18 2003 @ 07:48 AM
I believe U.S. Intelligence has a very good apprasial of what Iraq has and at least some of where their WMD are stored.

I don't doubt that the CIA has had operatives and paid informants within Iraq for many years.

Former high ranking military personnel and the head of Iraq's nuclear program have reloacted to the west and given detailed information - even on TV programs.

U.S. spy satellites pass over Iraq with such frequent regularity and the predator, both offer up to the minute images.

I doubt Mr. Bush would commit to such a massive military buildup, if he did not have solid proof of what Saddam's hiding. In the past the U.S. has been reluctant to release details of it's intelligence and I'm inclined to believe that's because it would compromise the sources of our information (possibly high ranking Iraqi military and techonlogy personnel). We can all assume how Saddam would react to any published details of his best kept secrets, be able to figure out where his security leaks are, and kill those people & their families.

We're holding our cards close to our chest and I believe that's how it should be. Military intelligence should be confidential to maintain security.

Just my own thoughts on this matter,

posted on Jan, 18 2003 @ 10:49 AM
deepwaters - But....these left-wing clowns know more about the situation than the CIA and President because they get their intel from Dan Rather and CNN.

They also judge the situation based on the herd mentality of public polls. If uneducated people in England believe the US is evil...then the US must be evil.

posted on Jan, 18 2003 @ 10:59 AM
I work with a number of american guys and they are quite cool, they all have quaestions about the legitamacy of what Bush and Blair are trying to do

you seem to take something from peoples comments which just is n`t there ie evil america

posted on Jan, 18 2003 @ 11:03 AM
Ok, they say Bush is evil and we're stupid for electing him and following him. That pretty much sums up the wannabe Euro elites.

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