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C2C commercial 'Green Pass'?

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posted on Nov, 4 2008 @ 03:48 PM
I am new member to ATS, but been a lurker for quite a while. Hope you don't mind me barging in!
I do not know if this subject has been brought up before, sorry if it already has!
I am not sure where the correct place for this thread so I apologize if I got it in the wrong catagory. Please feel free to remove it if needed!
I have a question about a commercial that C2C radio show advertises often, Green Pass. I am a female and not a truck driver, so I am very ignorant on this subject. I do not have a clue what this Green Pass operation is. But I get uncomfortable feelings whenever I hear this commercial.
From what I understand, the commercial claims that depending on your driving record, truck drivers can just drive by the weigh stations without having to stop and get weighed if a green light appears on the dash object (I guess there must be weight sensors in the area already weighing the vehicle?), saying how much time you will be saving yourself by not having to stop.
Like I said, I do not have a clue to what Green Pass really is. What bothers me about the commercial is that I always picture Big Brother when I hear it on the air. Could this be a ploy to monitor your driving records? I realize DMV and probably your place of employment has your records but is that placing yourself under more 'eyes', so to speak? I also think of the rumors I often hear about the North American Union with Canada and Mexico and the superhighway that is supposedly in the plans. Is this part of the plan to move all the trucks through more smoothly? Especially if there are going to be alot more trucks on the road?
Please excuse my ignorance, I am just very curious if it might be another step into further gov. control?
Thank you!


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