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Worst Host Ever

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posted on Mar, 30 2004 @ 12:23 AM
Just a FYI for those looking for a webhost. Do Not use Out of all the webhosts I've ever used they are by far the worst host I've ever seen. That is putting it lightly. I mean the customer support is non-existant when they claim 24/7. Uptime is maybe %50 when they guarantee 99.9% uptime. Not to mentio the spuratic server errors I get from them. I mean I'm no where from being alone on this:

"This company will be sued very soon. They lack customer service and are frauds. False advertisement and not reaching them by phone (626-298-9987) are two ways you can see for yourself what kind of people they are. "

"Bad. Terrible. Major downtimes and absolutely no support. Can't FTp most of the time and their email server doesn't work. I have lots clients after putting their sites on Hercules Hoster "

"Tried them for 5 opinion is they have horrible up time, slow and poor customer support, questionable business practices - switched to parcom and it's like night and day."

There are endless negitive comments like these on hosting review sites. Just wanted to get the info out so you guys don't get screwed like I & so many others have


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