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Obama's New Attack on Those Who Don't Want Higher Taxes: ‘Selfishness’

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posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 04:48 PM
Obama believes that if you feel that you already pay enough taxes and do not want your taxes raised that you are a selfish person.

Obama knows damn well that if he only raises taxes on individuals making over $200K per year and gives everyone else a tax break that there will not be enough tax revenue to pay for all his social programs he is proposing. One of two things will happen.

Govenment provided health care will not happen because there will be no money for it or that $200K figure will come down to say $150K or even $100K. I can see it now "don't be selfish America".

If you want to hold on to your cash do not vote for Obama. Don't fall for the hype.

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 04:53 PM
This topic is being discussed here.

Please continue the topic there.


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