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NIST absurd

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posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 06:58 PM
NIST: plane crash damaged 14 percent of outer column in the North Tower (WTC 1) and 15 percent of outer column in southtower (WTC 2).
No problem. Constructor John Skilling guaranteed that it could cut off all outer column on the ground floor on one side of the building and a piece from the corner on the opposite sides. The building would still withstand hurricane at 44 meters per second. This means that 25 percent of the columns could be lost without a problem.

NIST: As a result, some columns were lost, the second session load
No problem, this either. Skilling guaranteed that outer column would withstand more than 2,000 percent increased load, that is 20 times greater weight, without failure would occur.

NIST: Fire insulation was largely removed by the plane crash. If not insulation had been removed to a large extent, the towers have been standing!
To show that the insulation was removed, using NIST - that the experiment 15 shots with a shotgun at a steel piece with fire insulation.
What suggests that the plane crash can be transformed into something that in the event must have been thousands of shotgun rounds?

NIST 15 shotgun rounds showed that 1 megajoule (MJ) had to per square meter to remove fire insulation. For the 6,000 square feet that would have lost the fire insulation, in other words, it had to MJ to 6000. But according to NIST was the North Tower (WTC1) only hit of 2500 MJ of energy movement in the plane crash! Tomasz Wierzbicki from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has estimated that the 2500 MJ was used to destroy bars and floor and the aircraft itself. Since NIST now even can not use the same motion energy twice, was not the energy to spare to remove fire insulation in the "large extent", particularly because the 3500 MJ lacked in the first place.

This is the NIST-disaster scenario, the report added definitely dead.

But let us still look at the disaster next step:
NIST: Then softener high temperatures up bars and floor floor
This is in violation of NIST's own discovery, where less than 2 percent of the steel samples had temperatures over 250 ° C and none above 600 ° C. NIST not justify for temperature, jab in violation of the NIST findings, but using computer-manipulation, mysteric raised to 1000 ° C.

Fema and NIST claimed that 4,500 gallons air fuel was available for fire. This would produce 590 thousand MJ of energy. Furniture and fittings in areas that were affected would produce 490 thousand MJ. Applied on the amount of steel that was heated, provided ideal oxygen supply, we will have a maximum temperature of below 600 ° F, that is less than 315 ° C - even without fire insulation! Steel weakened not only by these temperatures and also leads the heat well enough that this will be distributed at the steel.

NIST: So began the steel floors to sige
A claim contrary to findings from NIST's own experiments, where you had to use almost two hours - none of the fires lasted so long - with unrealistic high temperatures to achieve a few inch sag in one place. By computer manipulation transforms NIST then these few inches to a sig on the miraculous 42 inches! This is cheating, to put it mildly.

NIST: When they themselves, drew the floors with it the outer columns inward
Only one of nine NIST computer-simulated scenarios showed this. And to make it, NIST had to breaks known facts. NIST report says for example that the areas where the floors themselves, only five floors. Computer simulation needed, however, nine floors to pull the pillars. Rarely found a more shame resolved Vrengen image of science.

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 07:02 PM
NIST: the spread instability around the building
Since the towers came down in virtually free fall, instability must be spread with furious speed. And that Franz Hart, etc. says: "A steel structure, generally speaking, does not violate the sudden together when it is attacked by fire. It is unmistakable warning signals, namely large deformations.

NIST concludes that the global collapse occurred, and leaves us to think about how this would take place.

But NIST has 12 time - on its Frequently Asked Questions page - come to the outer part of the buildings fell at 11 seconds for the North Tower portion and 9 seconds for Sørtårnets part, while the core fell within 15-25 seconds.

Since the free fall in vacuum from the top of skyscrapers would take 9.2 seconds to ground level, are 9 and 11 seconds, gently said unrealistic. NIST claim assumes that the underlying floor is not offered on more resistance to collapse than air would do! Jim Hoffman has estimated the collapse of the North Tower for about 16 seconds.

What the top of the North Tower is concerned, it is said that controversial about these 20 floors - only by means of gravity - would clear to pløye down through the 90 undamaged steel floor below. But let us now assume that it was possible and that the underlying each floor average managed to oppby half a second resistance. It would give 45 additional seconds, so that the entire collapse would take 54 seconds.

At the steel in these basic solid structures were not able to brake its own collapse so, is a remarkable exception from the inertia law of physics.

It is likely therefore NIST - apart from a vague half-page comment - not befatter with this part of the problem, and the total speed up the violations.

The question is not only about the top 20 floors of the 110 storey steel structures can smash the 90 lower floors to pinneved, but also whether they can do it in under 25 seconds.

World Trade Center 7, also in the steel, fell in under seven seconds, while the free fall in vacuum from the roof to the ground would take just under six seconds for the 174 meter tall skyscrapers. Here, the "experts" for five years, yet failed to find events that have more than "less likely to have occurred." Dutch entrepreneur in controlled demolition, Danny Jowenko, which operates Jowenko Explosieve Demolitie, said in an interview, without any caveats, that WTC 7 must have been taken down with explosives.

Fysikknowledge is obviously bad internalized in our day. It is not our Rock solid faith in the West's moral superiority. This can be compared with a religion, a faith in a way things right, designed to provide comfort and safety, or to Dolmen us down in a Tornerose sleep.

[edit on 30-10-2008 by koford]

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