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Obama Lovin' Funny Money

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posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 04:57 PM
"What do Bart Simpson, Family Guy, Daffy Duck, King Kong, O.J. Simpson, and Raela Odinga have in common?

All are celebrities; and with the exception of Odinga and O.J. Simpson, they also are fictional characters. And yet, all of them gave money earlier this month to the campaign of Barack Obama, without any apparent effort by the campaign to screen them out as suspect donors."

Not only is the Obama Campaign coming out with a 30 minute info-mercial tonight he may have paid for it with Illegal Donations. I dont know what else it is going to take before people start to realize that this man is less than honest less than moral.

"This is what buying an election looks like:

OBAMA’S OCT 1-15 SPENDING = $105,599,963.76

That’s more than $293,000 an hour.

It’s also 49% of EVERYTHING McCain has spent the entire time he has been running for president ($216,769,840).

By contrast, McCain’s Oct. 1-15 spending was $9,246,618.70 (or $26,000/hr)."

I dont know about you but for someone who cares so much for the middle class this man spends like the truest of blue blood limo liberals. There is still time to stop this guy from getting to the whitehouse. The choice is yours

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