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A Hundred Sightings

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posted on Mar, 28 2004 @ 04:08 PM
I really don't care what people think when I tell them I have seen at least a hundred UFOs. This may seem incredible to those who have never seen any and even those who've seen one or two. But skepticism does't invalidate my experience.
During my four years of sightings I told everyone about it and was amazed that others didn't see them too.
My first and most sensational sighting was in August of 1997 in the rural hills of El Sobrante. At 1:00 am my friend and I spotted a ring of red blue and green circular lights slowly spinning as it hovered. Petrified, we watched it until day break when it disappeared in cloud cover.
About a year later my continuous sightings began. It was not quite dark when I was in the back yard watering flowers. Looking up I was stunned to see a black triangle with dull white spots fly directly overhead. I was still rivited to the spot when a second craft followed. The huge black boomerang rippled across the horizen with a swooshing sound. After that night I started watching the sky for UFOs on a regular bases.
Almost every night I saw one, sometimes several. In my excitement I would sometimes mistake conventional craft for UFOs. After a few months distinguishing one from the other became automatic.
My youngest son saw them too. Often we'd drive to the bay away from city lights. It becme a contest to see who would spot them first.
During the years I saw many triangle, boomerang and rectangle UFOs. All were black with the dull white spots. Many times I saw white lights darting erraticaly through the sky. Two or three times I witnessed pairs of bright orange orbs racing each other. But only once did I encounter the ring with the colored lights.
Now I'll explain why I believe I saw so many UFOs and why I no longer see them.
For years I listened to the ramblings of "crazy Ernie" a customer who's frequented every place I've worked. I'm a waitress. He'd babble on about how he liked to go to Point Pinole and watch the UFOs fly into the bay. I never thought much about it since he also showed me his rocks with secret powers that the aliens gave him.
After noticing all the black UFOs seemed to fly in the same air space above my back yard, there was still one piece to the puzzle missing.
I can't remember wich site I read it on, but I found out the location of a nearby secret underground military facility. It's beneath the Napa grade, which is rimmed by San Pablo bay and straight across from Point Pinole.
I never claimed my sightings were extra-terrestrial. I have come to the conclusion that my UFOs were most likely secret government craft. It wasn't long after this information was leaked that my sightings stopped.
I do believe my ring of light UFO may have been the real thing. Did I mention the morning after that sighting, I saw several black helicopers combing the hills of El Sobrante?

posted on Mar, 28 2004 @ 05:01 PM
I don't doubt that you saw UFOs, but if you managed to see 100 I must ask: Did you record any of them? Pictures, film, video? I suppose now that your sightings have stopped its a bit late if you haven't.


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