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Does anyone else find internet searches to be annoying?

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posted on Oct, 25 2008 @ 08:51 PM
I really dislike using internet searches. Let me tell you why. If it weren't for the fact that I had ATS, and, a bunch of other websites for news and fun things on the internet, I'd probably be looking all over the net for websites that I think I would be interested. I would probably be where I was when I was a noob to the internet.

It took me about 4 years to get mature on the internet. The process of maturity went like this for me-- stage 1) I was annoying, stage 2) I found sites I was interested in, stage 3) I questioned why I was even on those sites, stage 4) I realized that other people were on those sites, and stage 5) I finally realized how to interact with other people on the internet, what makes it different from real life, and I've gained the ability to recognize which websites I can trust or not and then 6) I realized what I can search for and not search for on the net.

Before, when I was net-immature, I took forever to do searches. I looked for conspiracies and ran into all of that illuminati crap done by poor-researchers on the net (not the good ones), then, I ran into ATS. ATS saved me from going further down that road. I imagine if it weren't for ATS I would be typing in conspiracy in google and looking for all results hoping to find a good site and I would be at Alex Jones's Prison Planet site every day, and, I would, I would not be the same as I am today without ATS.

I'm starting to love podcasts. Before podcasts you would have to read the text on websites and at times when the site was really long it got annoying. Fortunately, you can take podcasts with you on the go. I subscribe to ATS, PTS, and BTS mix, GRC-Security now podcast, and, I listen to a podcast on the net that talks about foreign policy and world affairs on I feel like if it weren't for podcasts I wouldn't be using the net.

The good thing about podcasts is that I can get all my news from one place now, so, like, I have a place where I can get news from... like... say... security now I can get all my computer news from there. I can get all my politics news from ATS/PTS mix. And I can take BTS with me with BTS mix.

I hate internet searches because I don't know what is reliable and what is not. I try to be flexible with internet stuff, but, it's a lot easier for me just to use the same websites over and over than to use new ones all the time.

And what I mean by knowing what to search for and what not to search for is like when I was net-immature I couldn't find anything online. Now it's a lot easier for me and the internet makes school a lot more fun. But, when I don't know what to search for, I find it impossible to search thins.

My question is, that, does anyone else share my fears?

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