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Prose from the soothsayer

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posted on Mar, 28 2004 @ 11:59 AM

Nameless Abandon


Soothsayer of Ur

They say that when you lay upon your death bed, your life flashes before your eyes; every moment, every memory resurfaces with such clarity that it would seem as if you are reliving your entire existence in that one fleeting moment.

I wish I could say that were true, but I can't.

They say you cannot ascend to Heaven, or be condemned to Hell, without first accounting for everything you've ever done on Earth... that much, I honestly can say, is true.

I've been wandering this world for twelve years; twelve long years of trying to find myself, of who I was. I can't even remember how I died; my first real memory was of my standing over this rain-soaked body, the sounds of police and onlookers surrounding me. The police could find no ID, no paperwork of any kind that could help them, help me, in giving me a name. The coroner arrived and signed me off as a John Doe.

After my autopsy, it was learned I had no traceable prints, no documented records... nothing. Apparently, I didn't exist until after my death.

My burial was a sad and lonely affair. The local priest, his attendant, and myself were the only ones there. Oh, the coroner's ofice tried their best to find family; they contacted various shelters, hospitals, checked missing persons reports. They even filed an oituary with the local papers in the slight chance that someone would know of me.

So that is how my life began, and how I started 12 years of searching for who I am and where I came from. I visited different places to see what interested me, to use that as a reference, but nothing held.

Will I be forced to wander the world, never knowing who I am? Am I only to understand the world through the actions of strangers, and the words I over hear? Where is my salvation, my hopes or fears?

Every year, on this day, I roam back to my grave, hoping to see someone there... or at least a flower by my side... but no. All I see is my marker, and the obituary laminated onto the stone...

August 18 1992-Abandoned white newborn male discovered dead by police; brown hair and eyes, strawberry birthmark on left thigh. Please contact with information in regards.

My life began twelve years ago, on the day I died.

posted on Apr, 26 2004 @ 03:54 PM
I wandered the streets everyday, like the wind I moved from street to street, alone and unkown in a world of endless faces and noise. In my gathering of information regarding myself, and who I was, i had no success. My silent voice is never heard, my truth never known.

posted on Jun, 3 2004 @ 09:12 PM
Most have these have seen print before, but I figured I'd dig them up for the sake of ATS... hope you like them.

Lines of Yesterdays

Dew flows downward
its path glistens
mercurichome tears
of the soulsinger
the trees cry out
as the wing brushes by
then fold themselves
into bitter skeletons
sunlights casts a rainbow
over the flowing tides
recalling memories of dreams
that could have been...


soaring higher
the wind my guide
the sun my soul
beds of life
dancing below me
encircling happiness
Wings spread forth
basking enwrapping
heaven no longer a dream
a lifetime to achieve
thru death's gate
I am finally free...

Sanity Crashing

walking along that thin line
where reality is but a memory
and fantasy is so real
a thousand lifetimes of blood
coats my hands as my heart
bleeds one last time
flowing pouring
into the valley below
armies meet and clash
confused understanding
the only victor while
enemies fight each other
and themselves
in the battlefield of the mind and soul...

*there is a secret to this next one... if anybody can guess correctly, well... you won't win anything, but try to figure it out anyway!*


silvercandy laughter
eyelight shimmers across the void
brushing lightly on an upturned face
screams of horror run
thru a darkened hallway
what is the source the reason
the bairn cries unheard
as sister blindly makes her way
thru needletrack paths in her mind
the suns set in pink skies
while blood flows from the mountians
river what has happened to the lake
lost yesterdaycrashing
celebratory uninvited
sucking all warmth from the night
as it grows larger larger
being absorbed within from without
feelings no longer valid anymore
tears frozenclutching
a tattered heart shatter
banished for the sake of a kiss

posted on Jun, 5 2004 @ 12:59 AM
i like the poetry soothsayer, the words were purty powerful. Im just this actually collaborative fiction, or yet another story written by one author?

Thanks, and ill cross my fingers that you dont get mad at me for possibly "intruptting the flow" of the writing.

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