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posted on Mar, 28 2004 @ 04:40 AM
In March 2002 European Parliment passed a"Directive on Dietary Supplements." By 2005 vitamins, minerals and other natural supplements will be banned from over- the- counter sale. As "percription drugs" they will be expensive and unavailable to those without health insurance.
Europe is just the testing ground for what is the intended model to be adopted everywhere. The US is already following suit.
For some time the deep pockets of the patent- drug cartel have persuaded the FDA to allow the sale of dangerous drugs. Recently the sale of red yeast rice, a safe natural alternative for lowering cholesterol, has been banned by the FDA. Unbelievingly the pharmaceutica lindustry went to court and sued the red yeast rice makers, claiming it contained a natural form of lovastatin, the same ingredient found in patented Mevacor, a major cholesterol drug. What a crock!

"Dr. Wright's Nutrition & Healing"

posted on Mar, 28 2004 @ 05:32 AM
I suppose the FDA was claiming some of those "naturally occuring" drug alternatives to prescription meds were dangerous to some people.

But you're right. What a crock. I hate pharmcos. I really do. Worst example of capitalism going. It's criminal.

Try to post links to any articles you may have seen on this please.

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