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Thoughts about signals being broadcast around the world

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posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 03:07 PM
Im sure im not the first person to think of this but if intelligent life beyond our planet can read our messages beamed into the sky by sattellites and all, wouldnt that give them even less reason to be within our atmosphere unless they needed to see things were doing. I mean all the things they could learn from intercepting our signals from television, radio, and spy information would be very useful to them for many reasons.

If theyre recieving our information through signals broadcast, why do we still get reported U.F.O.s within our atmosphere. What reason could they have for flying around where they can be seen.

In short, does anyone think that intelligent life is doing this/could do this?
and if you think that intelligent life are watching our signals and broadcasts,
why are U.F.O.s still making themselves seen unneccesarily?


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