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He who is legend. Officer Friendly

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posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 06:10 PM
Now before I talk about this I am in no way disrespecting the Police at all. A good friend of mine in the US is in the Kentucky State Police. In Italy (its a long story) my grandfather's best friends son is in the Arma dei Carabinieri or basically Military Police and our families are very close. I have a great amount of respect for the force and they don't get paid enough for the # they have to deal with. Anyways years ago...probably around 2001 we were heading across the Kentucky border during a trip from Jacksonville to Lexington and we were pulled over (my parents and I)

We were in a rental car and apparently it was registered as stolen or something like that and he checked the plate for over an hour. He kept going back and forth asking questions. He thought that he was going to get a promotion and a parade because he thought that we might be drug runners and we were in the mountains (beautiful area btw) and you definitely don't run into something like this everyday around there. After three hours of back and forth questions, checking and more questions he eventually just drove off. Needless to say we were pissed off....

Within my family there is an inside joke about Officer Friendly. That he is still out there on that road waiting for us to drive by again or maybe he is a disgruntled officer who has gone rogue and has dedicated his life to capturing us. We refer to officers as "Friendlies". Like if were driving on the highway we always talk about how friendly is hiding in a pile of rocks in the middle divider or hiding in the trees waiting for someone to speed by. He will drop down from a rope or something or maybe his car will drop down. If we don't see a friendly we always say that he is at Grandma's getting some chicken dumplings, mashed potatoes, apple pie and some ice cream or if we only see one we say that's the friendly who doesn't have a Grandma.

Our friends in the force find it hilarious and its a running inside joke that we have. Again I don't mean to offend anyone and I have a great amount of respect for you guys. But I hope you find the humor in this. I have plenty of others if anyone is interested. The original Officer Friendly, who looked like a Marine reject, will live on in the legends of my family forever..maybe one of these days we will run into him or he will "run" into us. Or maybe he is on here :bash:

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