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The Skeptical Inquirer Embarrasses Itself

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posted on Oct, 20 2008 @ 08:13 AM
Admist claims of wilfull misrepresentation and abject cynicism ,it seems the Sceptical Enquirer magazine could well of lost all respectabilty, objectivity and impartiality-if it had any in the first place that is:

The Skeptical Inquirer Embarrasses Itself.
October 19, 2008

Most people who take an interest in alternative scientific issues have heard of the publication the Skeptical Inquirer (SI). Founded in the mid 1970's by Marcello Truzzi (also the co-founder of CSICOP), SI's purpose is to attempt to debunk non-mainstream views of nature and science. Interestingly, it was Truzzi who wanted to allow proponents of "paranormal" ideas to occasionally contribute material to SI -- an opinion that resulted in a no-confidence vote against Truzzi, and his subsequent resignation. Perhaps this fiasco helped shape Truzzi's view of "pseudoskeptics" -- individuals who, in Truzzi's words, “shout their objections but don't take proper note of what is going on.”

In 2006, CSICOP co-founder Paul Kurtz listed what he claims are four-long standing policies of the Skeptical Inquirer:
to criticize claims of the paranormal and pseudoscience
to replicate the methods of scientific inquiry and the nature of the scientific outlook
to seek a balanced view of science in the mass media
to teach critical thinking in the schools
Unfortunately, SI fails on every test except for policy number one -- the magazine's contributors do gleefully "criticize" proponents of alternative ideas, taking every opportunity to publish polemical rampages against challenges to orthodoxy in the theoretical sciences.



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