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Are you fair or unfair toward others

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posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 01:59 PM
If you say you are fair, then that means you treat everyone the same even though those ppl are not the same. If you are a court judge, and treat defendants all the same, then that says you'd be all for sending both guilty and innocent defendants to jail in the name of fairness.

So, are you fair or unfair toward others?

As for me, I'm unfair toward others since I know everyone is different, and must be treated different to their specific difference (be it, situation, circumstance, case, etc of the alike).

Are you the type of person who gladly accepts the fair persons and fair things giving you the whole fair share? In other words, do you accept the good "with" the bad, or not?

If you say you accept such, then if you get a box of cereal, and that cerceal box is containing the "good" wheat flakes along with "bad" roaches, then you should have no problem with it, and take the good with the bad, and um eat either both or seperate them and still eat the good wheat, reguardless the fact that the roaches even been all over the wheat you removed them from.

If I get the good with the bad I throw both away for sure if I know the bad left it's residue or effect on the good. I mean, both together can only equal a spread corruptiveness or corruption. I aint having it!

Are you someone who treats a person and their works you knew long ago the same as now?

There are ppl, who even on this site, treat you based upon what you last posted. As if you are as good as your last view or last opinion or last level in knowledge. Do we not change continually? I also notice ppl boosting their study feild degrees, as if, they want that to stick to how you should NOW veiw them. But what I notice about them is it doesnt defined them now before me in any way, especially when they are attacking me (the person), as if, they want me to buy that the degree taught them to attack persons for whatever persons do just because they arent stating holding to any degree. You shouldnt have to say what degree you have or dont have to those types, since a degree you may have obtained clearly doesnt define the current you. You are always better than your last work. If you are not better than your last work, by keeping to it with boostings, then you are not growing in wisdom let alone knowledge is what that can tell others. And that basically makes you stand out as a childish behaving person toward others. Only mental retardation can keep you a same way or childish-like with no growing in knowledge or wisdom, which is shown in your outward behavor toward others, revealing you lack use of the whole current relavence.

So if you treat others fair, you are corrupt. And ppl who treat you based on your last work, which they might not have liked, dont know what they are missing since they dismiss you at the sight of your appearences.
And I aint knocking the fact that there are ppl who change not their last views or last opinions. They excell not! They exhilarate not! And if I see you being that way am I justifed in leaving you in the dust like old news? Us relevant timers attract with each other's workings, but we detract from the literal, non-relevant timers. We relavent timers go beyond always. If you think someone who doesnt hold the same view their life is not good, then you are correct since they are BETTER than good. So if you knew me in my past, dont act like you know me now currently. And if you envy someone better, then dont give this thread any stars of course, and do skip along to the same song and tune that never left your head which I shake up since spelled you out about remaining the same in treating others fair (corruptly).

Anyone else get what I'm implying even? Share your specific 2 cent which of course you know you wont hold to forever since your basic 2 cent only gets specifically better and better into beyond. Ahh, the beauty is in being a living relevance.

Definitions grow into relevance, too, since words' implications are immortal. Relevant words include relevant pronounciations. So knock no one because of any word you know is implied just differently. And if you must know, the whole english language format grows into relevance. If you question another's english, then that says alot about yourself not mentally growing. And how can a mentally handicapped person like such who shows no growth with knowledge and wisdom make any fun of someone that is with knowledge and wisdom being relevant? Sheesh. If they do it to you, then they make you look better and make themselves look badly owned.

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posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 08:22 PM
In my opinion, we all have a little unfairness about us. There is no way to be completely unbiased, our subconscious doesn't really allow it.


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