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one more viewpoint

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posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 06:59 PM
Heres how I see time and progression of humanity, i may be wrong, or a bit over the top, but Ill try my best to leave you with some vestige of thought on why we are at this point and time doing what we are.

History and the future, are i believe maliable to a degree. I also believe that we earthlings are dealing with time travelers doing odd things. I also believe the mind can live alternate life progressions which allow perhaps initiated people to see what potential action would bring, in a flash of the mind.

Those beliefs and new minds have allowed my eyes to see patterns, things that any other seeking selfish happiness would never care to see.

I care for everyone but know that most will not care ever or in time to save themselves from the universe, karmic revenge, and sodom and gamora style destructions that our experience here would likely offer us and has before. I believe that the worst things can be avoided with teamwork, knowledge and rational thinking but we still have no need to oppress if we act on the wisdom of the past and stop using money, worrying about poltics, find a specious niche and groove there..
Take Jesus Christ, a man who I think, was initiated as an early pharoah, and was given inner knowledge and skills by early "wise men" that allowed him to learn the things he excersized before the ignorant poor town killed the poor guy.

Now im thinking he left us clues as to his ultimate message for the last days. He also knew that no one would listen, based on his response way back in the day. And why the 2 witnesses, were kicked in the street for days on 9-11. His residual message is, "get off the planet, look out".

With the threats of WW3, Niburu, 2012 fears, the universe and our place in it is being more than obvious, we need to be functionaly able to leave safely and for months, the planet and survive as self aware, civilised agreed anarchists living, working and searching together to survive all past mistakes, almost like realising star trek, but not so on the over dramatic side.

now with this view, I look around at what holds this back.

-A populace uncaring, willingly idiotic, not all people but too many.

-A world of governments that are not in check by rational populaces corrupted intentionaly for the effect of control. running rampant over its slave creatures they call citizens and mocking them when they dont even see it.

Then the microcosms of these general effects are all factors that hold us back from what we always, in any situation, do,

Consider respect
consider yourself currently
consider what you think is real
consider the fact nothing is new
consider religion could have the wrong view or angle
consider government and its populaces is a sign mankind has fallen
from natural common respect and sanity of mind and body.
consider that you might be confused even when you know it all.

The above are examples of how I function on a certain mental level in life. I dont always attain to maximum brain power, but I dont forget to self correct, or generally be a person that doesnt go ruining lives over idealistic thinking or worldly stuff and if we continue doing such things, our species will kill itself off with its own apathy towards its own attitude towards living.

Its sad that so many arent living inside, just the thought of eternity and endless space/time/dimension exists, makes me blush at the universe in a sci fi way. i want to find a future of truth, real truth, inner truth, acceptance of all by all, and those who authoritate or dictate rather, humble themselves to better ways of reacting and acting with and too their fellow man.

So that one day we can agree to disagree, but still have fun together in a fully functional living pod, moving through space. Who knows what we will find, or meet? lets go.


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