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Making the case for a Citizens Referendum – The Peoples Voice Squelched Resulting in Failure Repre

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posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 02:47 PM
This is a Editable draft, working speech, lets make a impact – I need your input to complete this speech..
U2U versions additions, corrections, clarifications, charges etc… Thank You, Born Patriot
(I am a product of our school system)

Making the case for a Citizens Referendum – The Peoples Voice Squelched Resulting in Failure Representation
Truth, Justice and the American Way …

For the better part of my life, I have been Overly Proud to be an American. And once I took the Oath I became an American Patriot. (My definition of an American Patriot: An American Born person who has taken the Oath of Office … which demands a Solemn Oath of Trust That Can Not Be Broken EVER. Freedom ever lasting – A Oath has no expiration. If you take the oath from that moment on you are a soldier and your law is the constitution, your job is to protect it at all costs even ones own life maybe lost in the defense of it and you maybe in harms way in the pursuit of Truth, Justice and the protection of it and “We The People”… from sea to shining sea … So why are we the worlds policemen when our ambitions are national.


Oath of Office - " and defend the Constitution..."
U.S. Federal and Military Oath of Office
" I, “State Your Name”, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.''

Well, I wish I had an answer for what went wrong so – I might have a chance at telling someone how to fix it…

After viewing tons of evidence and doing some basic research. Looking for and acquiring collaborating evidence, something like “he said she said – hearsay and all non-verifiable evidence was excluded and still the bar was reached without much effort. Facts being what they are Facts. Bacons some serious questions and truthful answers. And some of this evidence is beyond reasonable doubt without explanation, and a simple release of information, video would clear the whole thing up, if every thing is on the up and up, that is. The only entity that could explain is the US Government and they “refuse to do so” instead it releases lies and is currently engaged in killing off 911 witnesses, I suspect, or there’s a rash of death in the movement. Truth is self evident and you can not prove a lie. Lies can not be verified without other lies, However, truth can be verified and it speaks volumes… so please read this in its entirety and view the evidence…

One Nation under God…. What did they do to God and his 10 commandments in our Court System? That’s because its not our system … there is a teacher of the barely known and his name is Jordan Maxwell, – Google video – You Tube --

This society is very Old and this Order is very Evil, judging by its deeds and actions … It is Anti-American. It’s International and it is powerful. It’s self centered, self serving - nothing matters except the conspirator’s will. Strange huh…

My Conclusion, for a very long period of time – about 800+ core people (research Skull and Bones) have helped each other obtain positions of power and then use that position to bring in like minded people working together in secret to acquire positions of power material wealth and maintain those position through what ever means necessary (legal or otherwise) (as described in “The Protocols of the Elder Zion”) and Cold as a Computer comes from “IRON MOUNTAIN” - “Operation North Woods” -- Oliver North – Jack Brooks - continuity of government ”… Google Video – Homeland Security…. (Sig hiel .. mon fuer ) Nazi … that’s what this stuff looks like…. 1930’s all over again… and made possible by Project Paperclip.

Many Presidents have told us about them: here are two:
JFK – “Secret Societies Speech” -- Eisenhower “Farewell Speech” (just Google the video’s)
[side note: the orders I have chosen to follow are from this JFK speech].

And of coarse all Done Not for the benefit of the American Taxpayer but to bring about the down fall of our Nation is where I see their policies and attitude about our Constitution and their rhetoric leads to Genocide or should I say this form of US versus Them leads too Genocide Policies or this act is the usual out come of such policies. Sounds far fetched – so does letting Mexicans walk across the border but that’s a reality… If you are a history buff, this scenario plays out over and over throughout conflicts.

Its called the New World Order. And its International and it appears we are deep into it like we are doing this to our selves on purpose kind of dumb like that… This is a global cumulative evil thing, resembling the biblical Anti-Christ’s Coming. (this is man made not a GOD thing. IMO), you see we help nations and they help us. Except for one… Israel. Not sure what benefit America gets from Israel, but Israel gets lots of benefits from America… all one has to do is learn about the 6 day war and the USS Liberty crew (Thank You, Russia, I thought I would never say that in my life time but Thank You for saving lives of the crew) to come to some serious accusations of this New World Order’s United Socialist States of America. Look at the nationality and citizenship of who really runs our Nation’s Government seems to have more than our fair share of Israeli – American Citizens, dual citizenships abound. they are all in Key Positions throughout our Government. I didn’t know Israel is the third rail of American Politics. Say anything negative against Israel’s interests and you will be dealt with. APAC or Blackmail or a sex scandal is how they get rid of you and if you are important enough they will put you on TV 24hours a day while they do the dirty work while you are occupied with the scandal… you got to love these guys for dedication to their cause. I wish the ordinary American wasn’t lied too so much – However, this go along to get along is not America – all you have to do is watch a movie by HBO called “Hacking Democracy” the whole voting thingy is like faker than a 3$ dollar bill and TV is like brainwashing propaganda. Will the real America please stand up… I’m with you guy’s – the one that stands for truth and justice and morals of fairness

posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 02:48 PM
These People have slowly and methodically Piece by Piece. Have brought us here today, We The People have to ask our selves, Does this Government Represent us…? And if not, Then that would explain why it appears this entity is preparing for another war, it appears they are planning to provoke unrest here in the USA, to silence all those who have voiced their opposition to this New World Order … these Homicidal Socialist’s are portraying
People who stand for something to be guilty of nothing and are the enemy…. Go figure… its been going on a long time… and Mr. Bush told the World “You are Either with us or you are a Terrorist” well I know I’m not a terrorist and I don’t side with murders… ??? after a 4 year trial in my head on this case called 911 the crime of the millennium… my brain cells concluded guilt was present – so now I am a Sovereign Citizen of the Great State of Florida. And I urge my state to lodge a complaint – to no avail. So, where does that leave us ordinary honorable Americans… >>>> well, I don’t have an answer … but the evidence say’s they want us dead… and it also say they want to limit life loss… its like they want the right to terminate anyone they want for any reason they want and they want to do it legally… ??? wild stuff

their policies seem vague enough to be accepted and the spin is progressive freedom loving measures…all designed to fail allowing them to impose their solution, look at the results achieved and apply a little logic, I rest my case. “you come to realize this is all bureaucratic and failures are a give me… When our government says it needs to fix something you had better believe it was working to good and they need to break it more or patch it so it will last until a point in time of their choosing. Or at least that is the most common result is a system that is dysfunctional and angers the users of those systems.
We are not free, never have been… that’s right.. We do not have choice. Or say so in the way our Government runs no more than we have over say Frances Government… who leads us? Rothschild in London or is it Isreal or maybe the pope or maybe all three or none – but they are all involved in our down fall as the America we know and love ….

Look at British flag in a different light, Maybe King George Funded both sides of the Revolution… history suggests he did this and the Flag brings a new meaning that is very old the flag has two crosses…. We “Freemen” termed it before the early 1800’s as you have been double crossed. You remember (Sept. 2008 ) that $700 billion debt bill… Well 97% of America said No… they passed it anyway… what does that say…?
So much for we the people…

And just about the only freedom we have left is that of Speech. Which was addressed in the Patriot Act, that so happened to be already drafted prior to the event it was addressing which was 911… ??? the cart before the horse… and you see this time and time again … Problem Reaction Solution… the solution needs a problem to address so create an event and react with this solution. Really callus – but that is exactly what is and has been going on… lately, people in the truth movement have been dying of questionable circumstances. I hope no one is knocking them off…

First noticed on 9-11-2001 was a new government called the USSA because it most certainly isn’t the USA our beliefs are not their beliefs just read the laws they have been passing and you come to another conclusion, these people are preparing to defend its right to run this country without adherence to our Constitution… As Mr. Bush said it was nothing but a GD piece of paper… with it much more than that Mr. Bush.. Its America~!
The people of the USA… I know crazy talk right… well, they are currently fighting an illegal war in IRAQ…
I think UCLA Law Students ask and looked into that very question. They put their results on Google Video. The Title is “Iraq Was Legal or Illegal… they can not find a legal leg to stand on… we are guilty as charged.

I can not find a single legal angle for us attacking IRAQ… Much less using banned weapons like White Phosphorous (Code Name - Whiskey Pete) , (massacre at Fallujah) Now what is known is that we violated the UN Charter which is also part of our Constitution since Congress Signed it. And under the UN Charter we are the aggressor and are now subject to attack from UN Forces… (From the rest of the world)
Our Government has sought to run our military into the ground. They have tons of gang members in their employ
Private Military Forces through a company called Black Water … these people are scary…
and currently you can go to any NCO Club say 10:30 – 11PM and you will see gang signs flashing … so we are training criminals in the fine art and discipline of warfare, what happens when USSA releases them back into society… ?

I need 16 more minutes … of making the case…. Please contribute….

posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 09:55 AM
bump ... 10:55 oct. 19th 2008... no responses.

posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 08:29 PM
I here you mate and you have great points. Thats what being an American is all about defending your people when your government refuses or turns its head. Check out my posts as well brother, hope they add to your knowledge as your post did to me.

posted on Oct, 20 2008 @ 01:19 AM
I keep saying this ,WE CANNOT CHANGE THIS WITHOUT A CLEAR VISION OF WHAT BELONGS IN IT'S PLACE. You cannot simply sweep away the bad stuff and leave a values and leadership vacuum . So it's going to take a PLAN ,and an execution strategy,and organization,not talking and wishing and hoping and bitching .Oh and somebody will have to die ,those are the rules ,things can't change and stay the same

Flame me if you like but that's what I believe needs to happen

OP I love your post and I love that you care


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