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If At First You Dont Succed, Try Try Again.

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posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 05:46 PM
Everyone on this Round Earth knows the planet is four times bigger then the Moon.

Q: So why does the Earth seem the same size we see the Moon from Earth in this shot? The Earth should be four times larger because their distance is the same.

NASA still got it WRONG in this animation.Thank GOD!!! I wouldn't want to be walking around thinking the men & women of the world are believeing NASA's false logic associated to their propaganda, "phew!"

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 06:31 PM
reply to post by hey_amigo

You should try again, too.

The image is clearly a photoshop(or worse, a 'paintshop'!!!).
The left side of the image is black, the right side blue. The Earth has a square of noise around it.

You can find the original shot here:

posted on Jun, 28 2010 @ 06:43 PM
I am going to put my two cents in.
And it is a Bible point of view here so don't be upset.
this is what I suspect..That the Sun, moon, stars revolve around the earth for one. I also think if true Nasa would not like the idea that earth was special It might proove there is a Creator that the bible refers too.
59 dollar telescope to look at the moon. Ha! At 4.2 mm the moon was so big that I couldn't get it all in the scope, one crater was huge. So its not hard to judge the distance and size of the moon it has to be small and close. I think it is a fabrication to say the hubble can see hundreds of light years away and if I can see it with banarcs or cheap scope. What it sees is up close. Habitations for creatures that just look like galaxys.
The Hubble is 2.4 meters which make it 2400 mm, and the bigest scope right now from earth is 10.4 meters which puts the hubble to shame. There is no way the hubble can see light years away, but it can see close things perfectly clear like Google earth satelite. The pics nasa takes are not as good as I can see the moon on a clear night with my bonoculars, the only difference with my bonacs is the zoom and the Telescope does that. Nasa won't show the most real pics without blurring them or having something to compare the size to.
I have to zoom out just a hair to focus on the stars so does than mean I can see light years away? Not! I think that could be the lie.

The stars are not light years away or huge like they say. In Revelation it says that the a third of the stars will fall like figs from a tree and the rest will not shed their light, they will turn off their lights. Best on that is the stars that do come down and are cast down are evil (grays)or light beings along with Satan, the rest of them stay put in their habitats where God ordered them to stay from creation, signs of the seasons and written is the story of Jesus for what it was intended, Sun will darken and some of the moon too.
OK? In Rev. If they are compared with figs on a tree to fall to earth they can't be very big or they would wipe out the planet wouldn't they? I am sure God would have mentioned that. AND, Why if nasa says they are millions of light years away and bigger than earth, why would they choose earth to hit? What a shot. Duah Long way to come to this earth and directly aimed from hundreds of light years away?. Is the bible truer than people know? Also if you look at Old paintings like renisance and older they don't show stars. They show Angels in the sky an I found some in which the stars have faces. Why? Because they are the host of heaven and the Jesus is the Lord over them. He is the Lord of the Host of heaven. Host means multitude, Everyone of them named. They are not blobs of plasma check the stars definition and host in the Bible. Could nasa know this but will not show us but will use it to confuse or frighten the masses or put it to their own use as they want them to be as Gods. I do believe what the bible says is true and that the Earth is the center not the sun. The bible says the earth is imovable. So everything goes around the earth. Sun, moon, stars, and that proves that the earth is Gods special creation, think about it 5 days to create to the earth and everything in it and one day to create sun, moon and stars, what had the most work? I am sure that if earth was not special to him he wouldn't want to set his kingdom upon it.
There is more than enough proof (I believe) that God does exist to the human but has been distorted so much it became so vague and doubt was put in peoples minds and then the so called scientist did the rest and Nasa.
I do think there are planets but very small compared to earth.
I think size matters.
But that is my two cents.
What we see could be truer than what we are told to think.
That is All Folks


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