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My Daily Rant 10/17/08 : Apple

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posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 02:19 PM
okay well recenlty my iPod nano broke. the old ass nano the square first gen one. well anyway my friend gave me his old shuffle. and they are terrible. you dont understand. it only fits 200 songs. and replays the same 20 over and over. wtf is wrong with it. its like apple purposely creates terrible cheap products so it can sell better more expensive products.

and speaking of which. there are like 30 different ipods by now where the # is your fm tuner. and why do i have to crack a iTouch if i want to have great third party software on it. why does the iPhone cost so much when a 20 dollar phone and a 160 dollar iTouch have the same functions.

i thought apple was the savior from windows. but no. its jsut a sneakier form of windows. who makes you think its good but is actually evil. why the # can a stupid windows zune share songs and ipods cant even transfer songs from them to a computer.

why cant i use limewire to download movies and songs and put them on my ipod. why do i need a #ing 15 dollar converter to convert my own movies to ipod format. o and when you do finally give us a free converter it takes 8 hours for a 2 hour movie.

you know what apple # YOU. you dont deserve my money but god damn those little #tards who need ipods or they wont be cool and god damn the amount of space ipods for all my songs. why cant you make good products as well as offer the consumer some benefits. like a real converter and allowing us to synch to more then one library. and why not let us tranfer music around.

on a seperate note i am buying a new ipod video soon the one with 120 gigs of space. jsut cause i dont like them dont mean they dont have a some good products


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