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My own bigfoot story

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posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 12:12 PM
Thought i'd share since I'm new and have so many tales to tell.

It was early Spring, March I think, 2004. It was about 10:00AM more or less, with a beautiful cast of clouds overhead, the sunlight filtering through a mass of them. I was on a rural road about 1/2 a mile from my house. The road is long and winding, but well used.

I had been exceptionally nervous this day, due to the fact that I had just got my licence the day before, despite my age allowing me to get one years earlier. It was in fact, my first driving experience alone. As I had mentioned, the light diffusion was exceptionally beautiful, so I slowed so I could look across the skyline of the forest at the distance. While I was going about 10 mph, something moving on the hill below the side of the road caught the corner of my eye. I looked down and to the right, and lo and behold. I stopped the car in the road.

I would estimate the distance from my car to the creature at about 20-25 yards away, a pretty good distance. The figure was absolutely gigantic considering the distance. At first, I had thought it to be some huge moose (which we don't have here) or bear, just because of the size and color, which was a light brown as far as I could tell. But it's actions were what made it Bigfoot.

It was turned away from me, bent over, and working on tugging something from the ground in the shrubs surrounding it. My only guess that it was trying to pull some sort of root or bush from the ground. It was certainly standing upright, and bent over, no doubt about that. I never caught sight of the face. I watched it for about 10 to 15 seconds. I would have watched longer had I not been interrupted by a minivan and another car that snuck up behind me while I was watching. I, of course, panic and slam the gas pedal way too much (as I said, I was still nervous about driving) and took off to my destination.

I came back to the spot a couple days later and went down to the spot I saw it at, of course trespassing.
I would have gauged the creature to be very large considering it's lower torso must have been no less than four feet by comparing where it's lower torso met the upper, which looked at the time to be about even with the large blackberry bushes it was next to (at 4ft). That would make what, 8-10ft? Like I said, it was huge. It's body was extremely thick, absolutely covered with brown fur. I could not estimate weight, but it would obviously be extremely heavy. I had found no tracks exactly, but there was a path through the tall weeds leading out into the forest, which is quite vast. There was indeed something taken out of the ground, there were a few spots where something was uprooted.

That was my only experience. I sometimes hear what I think to be wood knocking, but never any Sasquatch yells as I've heard recorded.

In addition to my experience, about 8 or 9 months ago, once again Spring, once again about 10:00 or so, my mom comes in from outside and says "I'm not sure...but I think I just saw Bigfoot on the canal" (which runs along our property).

I immediately grab my shotgun and ran out there, barefoot. I took a good look around, or as well as I could without shoes, but found nothing. I was excited though because the water agency had recently done some work on it a few days before and there was loose dirt along the path. Or so I thought! They had somehow packed the dirt back into the path, and they packed it well unfortunately. No prints. She said she just looked up there and caught sight of something huge and black walking, and then heard a splash and it was gone. It must have crossed the canal and gone up the hill that is absolutely covered in thick manzanita.

Well, that's my very true bigfoot experience.

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