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an idea with holes in it

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posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 09:42 PM
alright this is my idea with holes in it discuss my flaws in it(other than my poor grammer and spelling)

the first thing that happened was the pre emptive war(also happened in nazi germany if i remember corectly)
now we have camps to get rid of undesireables(also happened in nazi germany but thats fact not just a posible memory flaw)
the next thing is going to be the disarmerment of the people. now because that was an AMERICAN thing that we americans are known for.(the love of guns i mean)
now i know many american are already pissed off at the government and many people are actually talking about shooting up some governemnt officals saying we should wage war the soldiers are bad so the next thing i see is a french revolution like event happening. this might also happen during a 3rd world war or before ether way a 3rd world war is inevitable.

unless we wake up the people then what will happen next is that they will atempt a world government.well make an official one.
for some reason i never hear about african contries being involved as well as many south american contries.will they be alone to fight off the nwo if we fail?or are they not as involved as others

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