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MKULTRA Monarch Mind Control Victim Debriefing - Startling Claim!!!

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posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 06:44 PM

I found this video while doing research on the CIA Monarch program when I stumbled across this man, Paul Bonacci, who is being debriefed in the video about his experiences as a child subject of the infamous CIA mind control experiments.

While it is well known that these people were exposed to various degrees of mind control including drug paralysis, radiation exposure and sexual abuse, there are also validated claims that they were involved in amongst other things torture experiments, hypnosis, and many claim to have been trained as sex slaves for parties that involved high ranking officials of the government.

Here is something that I discovered while watching this video. At approximately the 3:30 mark the interviewer begins questioning the subject in regard to his involvement in these forced pedophilia parties and the people who were present.

Watch up until the 3:47 mark of the footage and he drops an absolute bomb
This man claims that at one of these parties he was forced to have sex with none other than Massachusettes state Senator and Finance Committee Chairman Barney Frank!!!

The same man who headed the group of Senators in the $750 Billion bail out, the same one who is being blamed for the lax oversite of the lending and financial institutes.

This is not to suggest in any way that all homosexuals are also child molestors, but I must add the fact that Frank is an openly gay man, which in turn would add an element credibility to Bonnacci's claims. Keep in mind this footage was shot in 1993, long before Frank was a power player or a house hold name.

Not sure if this has been revealed or discussed on ATS before, but this mans testimony left me speechless.

Just how deep does this stuff go? How sick and depraved are the elected leaders of this country?

The more I look into things like this the less I trust anyone in a position of power. This is truly sickening and if true needs to be investigated fully.

posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 08:30 AM

Here is another video to add credence to Bonacci's story.

Alex Jones interviewing Senator John DeCamp in regard to this persons claims. This all ties into the Frnklin scandal, Bohemian Grove and a host of other witnesses who claim to have been kidnapped, tortured and used as sexual toys by powerful politicians.


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