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National Archaeology Month

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posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 01:20 PM
September/October is "Archaeology month" in a lot of places, and there are free digs and exhibits and so forth where you can go out and participate and chat with real archaeologists and find out how uncovering the past is done. In areas where the events were last month, the "archaeology month" will give you a list of places that welcome visitors and will let you talk to workers and (if you're lucky) participate in activities.

Scotland (it was last month, but...)



Florida is in March:

October here in Texas:

Google search for "Archaeology month" that will give you lots and lots of other links:

So make a holiday or weekend trip to one of these sites and learn about the geology and history and archaeology of the place. I can guarantee you'll be fascinated!

Oh...and take your camera!


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