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Halloween story contes (HSSC2)

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posted on Oct, 14 2008 @ 02:17 PM

Halloween story contes


"You should know the time around Halloween is when the veil between the worlds is at it's thinnest" Carolyn said in a near whisper.
She looked around to verify nobody was listening then continued.
"Let me show you something very strange" she said pointing toward the Balboa Yacht Club.
What is that? I exclaimed.
"It's the new pyramid on Amador near the canal entrance" Carolyn said with a shushed tone.
Doug looked over his should from the drivers seat "I bet you never knew they built some type of energy modification system this near the entrance to the canal?"
"Strange looking thing" Carolyn mumbled.

Indeed it is. A five-sided pyramid with a glass top and antenna mounted on the very top. On each end was a freemason monolith.

"I want to come back Halloween night at midnight and walk around that thing" I said.
"My plan exactly" Carolyn said concluding our conversation.

Last night was Halloween in Panama, and time to explore the latest creation in the world of energy modification.

It started with a party at the Balboa Yacht Club. Halloween is a big deal at the Balboa Yacht Club. People plan costumes for months, and people that have not visited all year make the pilgrimage to each year's events. We watched the band, danced, took a walk up the malacon but as midnight closed we headed for the new satanic looking monument.

From the outside it appears almost normal. That is if one were not seeing the esoteric symbolism of this beast. It would be like seeing the golden arches in an advertisement. If you pointed them out to someone who has never been lured by a greasy burger filled with mad cow they might look at you a little strange. You could explain how extra large people sit on hard plastic seats gorging themselves behind the yellow arches, but unless they were part of the MickyDee cult they could never fully comprehend your meaning.

Same with this shrine. Someone went though some real work to build this place and it was time to explore. Carolyn is one of the most enlightened person I have ever met. She had brought a large crystal to see if she could feel any effect. I had my mind open and the rest of the group seemed ready. We lined up to walk under the base. I went first, and as I got to the middle I did not feel much. I stopped to try and see Carolyn's aura. I have much success seeing her aura, but funny enough never once have I seen Allison's.

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posted on Oct, 14 2008 @ 02:17 PM
If I may digress, a long time ago I was sitting on Carolyn's boat and looking at this gal named Linda. Linda is another of those kind of magical people. I looked up and for the first time and clearly saw her aura. In shock I said, "I can see your aura". Carolyn and Linda both spoke at the same time. Linda said "a lot of people see my aura for their first time" and Carolyn said, "You know a lot of people have their first aura sighting on this boat". We all laughed at the synchronicity and Linda went on to talk about her colors trying to get me to see the shades in the aura. From that moment on I have seen scattered Auors here and there, but I have almost always been able to see Carolyn's aura whenever I look.

So now were back to the being inside this pyramid and I am looking trying to see her aura, but it's nowhere to be seen. Then Allison comes walking by and from the back of her head I see a big blue light shoot out. Almost like part of her energy exploded out and back from her head. It was the first time I have ever seen any energy like that come from her. When we got to the far side we talked about what we had seen and felt, then I turned around to walk through again. This time I walked through a circle on the floor marking the entrance to the pyramid. I clearly felt my third eye begin to ache. I let the feeling flow and tried to use my body as antenna and just experience the effect. The uncomfortable feeling in my third eye sustained all the way through he center of the pyramid till I waked out the other side. At that point I noticed the path continued on to the Freemason monolith on the side of the pyramid base.

Between the monolith and the pyramid I could clearly feel a flow of energy. It was big, and this was by far the most energy I have ever felt at any time in my life. It felt like a big refreshing wind. Almost like an energy breeze. It felt like the pyramid was collecting the energy, and the monolith was focusing it into the ground. Now I was on the right side of the flow.

Everyone else walked through the center of the pyramid and felt similar results. Carolyn said she was holding her crystal when it began to heat up and sting her fingers.

She was covering her belly with a hand. She caught me looking at that hand.

"That place has the rolling energy of death" she said releasing her hand then went on.
"Don Juan says the rolling energy of death enters the body through the belly. If you feel unwanted energy the first place it tries to enter is the belly, and that is why I am covering my stomach". She walked off and returned with four large leaves.
"Lets walk through again, only this time put this organic leaf over your belly and we'll see what happens.

The second walk through again felt very powerful, but my stomach was calmer. Maybe the leaf was providing the needed energy block.

After another calming wait we took the stairs into the top of the pyramid. The energy was flowing hot and heavy. It was rushing up from below and into the pyramid top with such force my heart began to race, soon it was almost hurting. Others said they felt their life force being sucked from them. One went away crying, another had to sit down with cramps. We all left the top floor and went to sit by the pyramid side. It had been exhausting and I was glad it was over. I felt used up. After about a half hour we decided to leave, but first we wanted to see the second monolith.

We headed away from this evil feeling structure. Not a hundred feet away we found a small and very old rock monolith planted in the grass. It felt like someone from a long time ago was walking by and felt the energy. They studied the area and put a small rock monolith Stonehenge style to mark the spot. Years later, when they were ready someone came and checked the space. The original stone was close to the mark, but maybe just a little over there was better. The new monument was built and who knows what they are doing with it now.

I have included some photos for your perusal. I have to ask why anyone would build a monument to the history of the Panama Canal and yet it's shaped as a pyramid with freemason monoliths on each side. Why not make the thing in the shape of a ship, or a canal, or a dredge, or just about anything else but a monolith.

Next Day, and one day after the official Halloween night

"Two for one pizza" the sign read. My favorite I thought as we walked into the cruisers hang out. I used to have to show up to these weekly events to keep my name in the work circuit. This time I did not feel like talking about other peoples boat problems. We sat at the far end of the table away from the group of international yachties.
"Let them grow toward us" I said counting the chairs between us and the mass of cruisers.

After a half hour the group reached us and we heard the standard opening line at any cruisers get together.
"Witch way you going?".
Up or down the coast? Two were going up and two coming down, an even split, but that split is against the odds. More people should be going north. All the Europeans are added to the mix of yachts. Very few should be traveling east.

The talk went from the long runs without stops to the rigors of the Tawanapec to the long weather waits in Hualtico, Mexico. The two boat crews coming south compared notes and found they crossed the rough Gulf of Tawanapec just two weeks apart.

One crew was driving a big 60ft racer cruiser. Ma, pa, two teenage boys and a 25-year-old tag along crew. The other boat was a family of four on a 62ft wooden converted fishing trawler.
The pa seemed somber about the trip down the coast.
"Hualtico, man I hated that marina" he lamented. "We waited for two weeks. Finally I just had to get out of that place"
"Me to. We just had to get out of that place" the other crew exclaimed".
They both froze and eyed each other.
The whole table went still.
"Why did you have to get out of that place?" the first crew asked cautiously.
"Well…" he hesitated, and then in a flash he demanded, "Why did YOU have to leave?"
Both crews were silent and waiting for the other to speak.
Just then I hear a deep breath. Carolyn from the far end of the table was staring at them and preparing to speak.

Wow, what a show I thought. I just came for pizza and now some great drama was being played out right at my table. I tried to keep my eyes low and listen carefully.

"Hualtico? Have you been to Hualtico?" Carolyn demanded of them.
The whole table nodded.
Carolyn is never one to mince words.
"Us too. We just passed Hualtico on a delivery"
Nobody acknowledged her statement.
"Did you see them?" she demanded.
With this simple sentence both crews verbally gasped.
One crew shrank back as a group in this creepy manor. Like whatever "them" was might appear at any second.
The second crew seemed pleased to hear someone speak of "them".
They were nodding and mumbling affirmations.
Pa raised his hand in a kind of pledge like way. "I saw them".
The young tag along crew chimed in almost like he was happy to be in the club "All four of them".
Carolyn shot back "there were five!"
"No, the four travel together, and the fifth just follows them around" Tag along said quietly.
Carolyn nodded in agreement.

The whole trawler crew seemed as if a weight had been lifted from their world. They were in this kind of sacred moment.
"They were real" one said.
"Thank god," another mumbled. They seemed almost overjoyed to have comradery.

I was on the edge of my chair but I kept my eyes low. Whatever they were talking about seemed esoteric. The mood could be broke by the wrong signal. I kept still to listen. I wanted to know who were the "them".

As the night progressed I realized the truth of the saying "Misery loves company", but I get ahead of myself.

"Did you recognize any of them?" Carolyn pushed.
Tag along sat up straight.
"I'm almost sure," he said. "In Peru that same face is carved into the head of a staff in all the souvenir shops. He has a very distinct scrunched up expression".
Others nodded.
"Would you call them nomes?" she continued.
A rumble of yeses seemed to hiss across the table.
"You were both in the marina?"
Another chores of yeses chimed through.
Tag along turned a sideways glance to Carolyn "You know they closed it? You can't go in anymore"
"The whole marina?" Carolyn exclaimed.
"They found a whole archeological site. The Mariana was cutting right through some temple. They tried to cover it up. You know there is big money in a hotel and marina"
"You are kidding me," Carolyn gasped. She had her hand over her mouth but went on talking. "Maybe that is why they were so mad".
"Especially the fifth one" tag along retorted.
Pa sat forward. He was almost whispering.
"The boat next to us had the whole crew sleeping in one cabin, with the lights on. They thought the fifth one was sitting on there chests. You know making them crazy in the night. The engineer tried to sleep on deck but he woke up screaming. It was a spine-chilling cry. We were next to him and all I could think about was how happy I was it was him and not me. That thing was scary"
"You know how you get rid of them," Carolyn said shutting off the rising tone in Pa's voice.
Everyone was suddenly intent for Carolyn's magic knowledge. They had been scared and traumatized, but now the answer was at hand. All eyes were on Carolyn.

"You demand to know what they want, and you use intent and instant movement to throw them off you. Demand to know what they want and use intent to move your body"

Carolyn always seems to end a bit of special knowledge with a quick recap of the parts that should be remembered.

"They did not want us there. I'm sure of that" Pa ended sitting back in his chair.
Carolyn looked as if she had something to say. Everyone waited.

"You know the last night I woke to that one sitting on my chest. I knew it was the small one and I was about to throw him off when he tweaked my nipple. I mean hard and it hurt. This was not button catching me or some pin in the sheets, this was a painful tweak. I demanded from them why they were here and to get off me. The four of them ran right through the door of my cupboard and the fifth almost flew after them. That was the last I saw of them. We left the next morning early. The nasty weather of the Tawanapec was better than being behind that breakwater with them"
Everyone nodded.
"We left into bad weather for the same reason" Pa confessed.

"It seemed to stop when they stopped digging. We were one of the last boats to leave. I was told the archeologists are starting to work. All progress on the hotel and marina has been stopped. We'll see what they find"
"Whatever they find I bet they keep the good bit for themselves" Carolyn mumbled.
Everyone sat in a semi silent contemplation.

I used that moment to ask my question. I had been thinking about this since the first crew seemed so relived to have anther crew share the paranormal experience.
"I'm curious" I asked.
Everyone looked at me, the one that had never met "them".
"You all looked so relived to know what you saw was in someway real" Half of the table nodded.
"I understand. I mean others were having the same experience"
"Yes, it was great. I know I'm not crazy" Ma confessed.
"Yes, of course you not crazy. You all saw the same thing, but that means everyone at this table"
I was pointing my index finger in a sweeping manor.
"Knows with your own eyes we live in a multi dimensional universe. Beings of old are visiting. They might be here in our midst at this very moment".
The whole group stared at me like they were ready to bite. I went on.
"They were here in our world and even tried to drive you out of their sacred place. How many others beings are trying to contact us? How many other beings are effecting our world at this very moment? Do you really feel better? I mean wouldn't it be easier to simply be crazy?"

The father gave me a stern look.
"I was just about feeling better about that whole experience and now you throw this at me?"
"Ya, what are you doing?" the other demanded.
Tag along seemed angry for the first time all evening.
"You weren't even there" he said dismissively.
"It's just a question" I mumbled, but the conversation was over. I was the interloper. Everyone else had seen the nomes and I was on the outside.
Pa asked for a box to take his pizza home and the trawler family pulled out money to pay the check.
I sat thinking how tomorrow the veil between worlds would start to get thicker and my world would return to normal, whatever that is.

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posted on Oct, 14 2008 @ 03:02 PM
I once seen the devil himself it was long ago and I still get the shivers if I think about it.

Here's what happened, after watching some supernatural my young brother decided to try some of the midnight crossroad demon summoning.

But he got more than he wanted, what I saw was what most people described through history as the devil but much darker and sinister.

there was so much evil hate in it's eyes that I was pinned to the ground and couldn't move of fear.

he/it said something to my brother and disappeared into thin air but I couldn't hear what he said and my brother never ever wanted to speak about this again.

the only thing he said once when he was very drunk long ago was; I have seen hell, and it is the future.


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