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Multi posting in a new perspective.

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posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 01:34 PM
First of all, this isn't really a UFO post, but a post about what is going on in the UFO part of this site.

I just noticed that Stardust locked alot of the 14th of October threads.
With all right I would say.

We all need to try NOT to start this many threads. It is hard to follow them all. Especially when we are so meny members.

I began to think about who this forum would look like if it was a meeting.
So I wrote it down....kinda.

Moderators can delete this if they want to. Np at all.


Chairman: Well, as a start I want to thank you all for attending to this meeting about 14th of October. And welcome here this Thursday.

Attendant 1: Thank you Mr. Chairman

Attendant 2: Thank you, glad to be here, this gonna be so exciting.

Attendant 3: Thanks yadda yadda....yippiekayey!!

Attendant 4. ....

Chairman: How many of you have heard about this woman Glossom Bloodwild?

Attendant 3: Err...

Chairman: I take that as a no. Glossom Wildblood is a woma.....

Attendant 2: Uhmm, sorry, but didn’t you say Bloodwild a few moments ago?

Chairman: I DID NOT!!

Attendant 2: DID TOO!!!

Chairaan: DID NOOOOT!!!

Attendant 2: DID T....

Attendant 1: FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! What the hell is wrong with you people?!?! Now, is the name Bloodwild or WildBlood?

Chairman: I would say Bloodwild.

Attendant 2: Oh yeah, you got any proof?

Attendant 3: ALRIGHT ALREADY!!! Jeezus people.... Ok, let’s go with the Bloodwild then.

Chairman: Well anyway, this woman claims that she’s been “talking”, or channeling as she call it, with extraterrestrials. And they claim that they will appear in our atmosphere on Tuesday. I found this very interesting and have downloaded some documents from a site...uhmm...which name I can’t remember at the moment, think it was something like, Above Twits and Seagulls.
Anyway, I have made some copies here so you can read yourself of what she claims they have said. And two words I want you to take a note on is: Yellofreeze and Icecream.

Attendant 4: How come these words are so important?

Chairman: Well appearentlly these words represent the signs we should look for. When we see them their entrence will not be far away.

Attendant 3: What the heck is YelloFreeze?

Attendant 2: Beats me...

Chairmain: No one knows, but it coul.....


Attendant 3: Now what?

Chairmain: Mr. 5, could you stop eating that icecream please we are trying to have a meeting here.

Attendant 5: Sorry guys, got a brainfreeze.

Chairmain: Ok, np. Now, where were we.....??

Attendant 1: ....

Attendant 2: Mmm, icecream...

Attendant 3: ...

Attendant 4: ....

Chairman: What? What’s up?

Attendant 3: Well, we just had the signs mate. Icecream and a Brainfreeze? Hello? YelloFreeze could be the same as brainfreeze right?

Chairman: Oh my god you’re right.

Attendant 2: Hey, by the way, I have this bad itch in my ass, anyone of you know what it can be?

Attendant 3: Damn’t number two, could you stick to the topic? Go and make your own meeting about your ass if that is important.

Attendant 2: Well excuse me you ignorant mr. Knowitall..

Attendant 3: Who you calling ignorant?

Chairman. People, people settle down please. Anyway, so what do you think about this.

Attendant 2: I thin we should start this meeting over and have that icecream thing as a new topic.

Attendant 3: Why would we start this meeting over??? It is about the same thing you jackass. No need to make a new meeting in this meeting.

Attendant 2: Yeah, but when I asked you a personal question about my itch it was quite alright to make a new meeting for it.

Attendant 3: Yeah? But how do your ass fit into a topic with aliens according to you?

Attendant 2. Talk to the hand!

Chairman: Sigh, anyway, no need for a new meeting just because of that. If it relates to todays topic than just bring it up. That is why we have this meeting.

Attendant 4: Hey guys, I just found a picture of a Icecream on the internet. Could be CGI but I think it’s the real deal.

Attendant 2: Ohhh my gooood. Oh my god....ohmygod.... We should set up a new meeting for th...

Chairman: NO NEW MEETINGS!!!! Just bring it up here...


Well, I am not an author so don't flame me because of the bad quality or bad humor. But the point is, I guess, that the reallity would be pretty funny and silly if we were to do the same there as we do here.

So let's try to stay on topic, and not make so many threads. Will be alot easier to read them.

Cheers all, and thanks for the best site on the internet.



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