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Pets and the Paranormal

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posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 01:52 AM
gI've been having some strange experiences involving my dog. He is a Black Lab / Bloodhound mix named Clyde, about 2 years old, friendly and good tempered and generally lazy. The house we live in is about 150 years old and was used as barracks in the Civil War and subsequent Indian campaigns.

Since I have lived in the house I have heard various noises that I generally attributed to the house being so old, until I got Clyde. When we are in the living room, Clyde will occasionally startle and "stalk" down the hall growling, which is very out of character for him, with the hair on his neck up and everything. Sometimes he will run back out of the hall with his tail tucked and hide behind me on the couch and act nervous, and refuse to go back down the hall. He will frequently lay on the couch and appear to be watching something that I can't see, following it around the room and craning his neck to see around you if you get in the way. I took him in the basement once to do laundry and left him alone for a minute only to come back down to find him how I can only explain as terrified, trembling and quickly glancing back and forth across the room, sitting backed up into the corner in a pool of urine. He hasn't gone back to the basement since.

I thought he was just weird, until the noises started to pick up. I hear repetitive knocking on walls that follows me between rooms, usually five rapid knocks. Clyde reacts to the knocking by jumping and leaving the room, so I know I'm not hearing things. I have also heard a faint murmuring, like someone talking I can't quite make out, on several occasions. This most often happens in the guest bedroom, and I find the lamp on the nightstand in that room turned on several times a month when I wake up for work.

Does anyone else have a story about a pet that clued them in that something out of the ordinary was going on? Do you think pets can see or otherwise sense things that we can't? What do you think Clyde is chasing/being chased by?

I'd like to hear your stories and opinions on whats going on in my house.

posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 02:24 AM
My own experience is that pets seem to detect things we otherwise may not.

Over the years I've seen animals react to areas of houses and other environments when they appears to be nothing amiss with those areas - for example:

Some years ago my partner at the time brought home an antique chair for our sun-room. I never liked the chair from the 1st moment I saw it - it had a real bad *feel* to it. Mind you, I'll also add I've always tended to get such *feelings* with various things/places for whatever reason...

Our cat wandered into the sun-room the day we got the chair...the cat got all twitchy then spun around facing the chair, hunkered down and started crying out with this low growly moan...much like when cats are sparring off. She started hissing, backing away from the chair then bolted out of the sun-room.

Our cat refused to go in the sun-room for about a week until I eventually blessed/cleansed the chair, used my Holy Water and prayer. Despite the sun-room being her usual hangout, where she could always be found napping as cats do.

After I had done the chair she would poke her nose in and look at the chair then slowly walk in, look at the chair a bit more before taking up her usual spot on the 2-seater couch. She was fine about a day after..

I've also had dogs that have growled at and even *attacked* things that I could *feel* though not see...

...heh...maybe my pets are as nuts as me...

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posted on Oct, 12 2008 @ 02:01 AM
Animals are very sensitive to these kind of things (at least in my experience).

Currently I have a cat, Vic. He is a little fluffy ball of terror at times, but that's neither here nor there

Vic loves to play attack hands, and one of his favorite moves is when someone has their hand on a wall, or a door frame, he likes to jump up and get it, and boy can he jump!

Anyway, I have spirit guides around me all the time, and I'm convinced that they play with and tease him. He'll start going wild, jumping up door frames and the wall at absolutely nothing, chasing things I can't see around the house, etc...

They seem to enjoy playing with him most as I try to go to sleep...they think they're so funny


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