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How Hairy Apes Became Hairless Humans

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posted on Oct, 9 2008 @ 09:05 PM
This, of course is pure theory, more so a fun and interesting thought than a literal reality, but consider this possiblity to be so for the moment for it may just blow your mind.

It's something I've thought about myself for quite some time now, the idea that throughout history you have the "Cave Man" or "Ape Man" call him what you will, if you'd prefer scientific terms then please fill in the blanks accordingly.

So you have an ape, ape like creature as we may still be seeing today, depends on how you look at evolution or if you consider evolution to be relevant to our existance at all. I'm digressing, but I'm attempting to form an image for you here.

Okay, now for whatever reason, be it divine intervention, aliens from space, changes in frequencies, energy fluctations or planetary alignment, whichever you want to use to imagine this feel free to do so.

For whatever purpose or reason this ...creature... may have decided to build a bed for himself, perhaps wood, stone, earth, you name it. So over time, this flat bed that he has made for himself becomes a nice little comfort zone for him so he continues to utilize it as any other tool.

Now over time, if you assume that he lay flat on his back or in a posture that would keep his back straight for long periods of time you might be able to consider the idea that throughout the course of time his back was getting straighter and straighter so that he no longer had the hunch as most pirmates do. Now this is a mere possibility as to how the back of the Ape Man eventually straigtened into how Man stands today. It may seem simple and silly, but all in all this isn't exaclty a far fetched idea.

As we get to the corner where this being no longer has hair on its body we can look at one to two things, if not both. You have the cleansing rituals that we still practice to this day. The showering process, and bathing process which could have resulted after years and years of practice in the eventual hair loss causing the body to no longer produce hair because of water constantly being present on the skin. ( It's not exact science, no, but if you look at sea creatures you'd have to imagine if they were one day a land animal that ended up there in turn losing their hair.)

Another possibility we lack hair in areas is the use of clothing throughout our history. The less our body feels it needs to produce heat for the body do to another source, the less hair the body feels it needs to produce. It's not a complex game of hide and seek, it's a relatively simple theory and seemingly sound in it's appearance.

Perhaps it is something we're all told to do in our lives, clothing, bathing and sleeping on flat surfaces so that we stray away from our natural being thus perpetuating this idea that human beings are far more advanced than animals.

I just thought I'd throw this out there for kicks. I'm more so just curious what others have to say about this. I take all forms of criticism so don't hold back your feelings!

Appreciate the interest.

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