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UFO's are magnetars!!

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posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 02:45 AM
Well atleast that what the author of the article at unexplained mysteries website tells in the articles.

Although most UFO reports seem to focus on strange lights and craft skimming close overhead, I've heard of some that report strange celestial lights that blink, as though in code

And the author had drawn a conclusion from the recent swift obsrevations of gamma ray spikes in the constellation of Vulpecula.

Within a minute, robotic telescopes turned to a spot in the constellation Vulpecula. Because Swift found an X-ray glow coming from this point, astronomers cataloged the object as "Swift J195509+261406," after its position in the sky and the discovering satellite.

Even if the flashes were in the visible region, it would be faint to be viewed with the distortion effect of the atmosphere, unless it was a supernova.

And so according to the author magnetars are ufo's

Oh my what a joke, and that too the article is in the websites main page.

See for yourself,

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